Three Common Reasons Why You Need Juniper Switches

Every business owner wants to have a business network that runs as efficiently as possible. However, business owners without the technical or technological knowledge required to troubleshoot their IT equipment may not know where to start. Articles like this are for business owners like these.

If you are interested in securing your business network, simplifying your network’s setup and structure, or want a business network that is easy to maintain and use, consider adding switches to your network today. Switches are simple and affordable pieces of hardware. You will find that the benefits they bring far outweigh the small cost of purchasing switches and installing them.

Here is why switches are a great component to add to your business network.

Juniper Switches Help Secure Your Network

Switches on a network do not broadcast network requests to all ports. This act is unsafe as anyone sniffing in on your network can simply monitor a port, look for network requests, and then attempt to access your network. Switches, however, only send a network request to the port it needs to connect to. This is why switches are the more secure option to add to your network.

Think of the efficiency and security of switches like the mail system in your country. If you want to send a letter to someone, you address it to them directly. In addition, only that person is legally allowed to open their own mail. By contrast, not using a switch is like sending all your mail unaddressed to a community bucket in the middle of town. Anyone can pilfer through the mail and take the mail they want, even if the mail is intended for one specific person.

Juniper Switches Can Be Interconnected for Simpler Network Setup

The simpler the network setup, the simpler the network is to use. Having a complex system setup by your IT team or department will only serve to confuse them and others months or years from now. It is better to simplify your business network whenever you can, without compromising output or efficiency.

To connect multiple switches to a network, all you need is a bus. A bus is a piece of equipment that allows data to flow from one section of a computer to another. Think of it like a highway and the data like individual cars. Cars drive from Toronto and Montreal via a connecting highway. Similarly, data is transferred from your keyboard to the monitor, for example, in the same fashion.

You can pick up a bus in any computer technology store, either in-store or online. By contrast, if you were to use hubs instead of switches, you would need to daisy-chain these hubs together, which would only complicate your network.

Juniper Switches Are Easier to Manage

Consider these two benefits that you receive by adding switches to your network, it is understandable that these two benefits lead to a third: the ease of management of your business network. The easier it is to use and manage your network, the more productive your employees will be, and the more profitable your business will be.

If you are interested in improving your business network, you should consider purchasing and adding Juniper routers and Juniper switches to your network today. For more information on the efficacy of routers and switches, contact Netcon Solutions in Toronto and the GTA. You can contact us easily online at our website today.

● Adding switches to your network will boost your network’s security.
● Adding switches to your network will simplify your network setup.
● Adding switches to your network will increase the ease of maintenance and use of your network.

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