The Value of a Cisco SMARTnet Contract for Small Businesses

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Bob runs a business. He has setup his business network with Cisco products. Bob knows that Cisco products are the best and he wants to ensure that his network runs as efficiently and as long as possible. However, Bob is not a “tech” guy. Bob also does not have an IT team. Bob is wondering whether a SMARTnet contract from Cisco is right for him.

If you are in a similar situation to Bob, read on. A SMARTnet contract may be for you.

Cisco is a world leader when it comes to information technology equipment, especially hardware. If you have Cisco hardware but lack the IT team to maintenance it, repair it, and replace it, you should consider outsourcing those actions to Cisco itself, via the purchase of a SMARTnet contract. There are a ton of reasons why businesses purchase these contracts, as well as a ton of benefits that businesses receive from these contracts. If you need Cisco products, you should consider purchasing a contract.

Why Businesses Buy Cisco SMARTnet Contracts

Businesses of all sizes and in all industries purchase SMARTnet contracts as a form of insurance. Similar to things like travel insurance, you buy it not because you need it now, but because you may need it in the future. If you ever have an emergency travelling, travel insurance comes in handy. Similarly, if you ever have an issue with your Cisco equipment (rare but it happens), a SMARTnet contract comes in handy.

The Benefits You Receive from Cisco SMARTnet Contracts

There are a ton of benefits that SMARTnet customers get when they purchase these contracts for their Cisco products. Here is a list of the following benefits you will receive, depending on the level of contract that you purchase:

● Access to Cisco’s Technical Assistance Center
● Access to Cisco’s online knowledge database
● Access to Cisco documents
● Access to an exclusive forum
● Access to Cisco’s support wiki
● Access to Cisco hardware replacement
● Access to onsite maintenance and service for your Cisco products
● Access to operating system support for your Cisco products

Should You Purchase a Cisco SMARTnet Contract?

Whether or not you need to buy a SMARTnet contract will depend on your business, and your goals. The only real requirement to have a SMARTnet contract is to have Cisco products first. If you do not have any Cisco products, you have no need for a contract.

Do you have a great IT team? If you do, you may not need a SMARTnet contract. SMARTnet contracts are best used by small businesses that lack an IT team, or lack the ability for that team to repair and replace hardware. IT workers already have a ton of tasks they need to perform, and they simply may not have enough time to devote to fixing your Cisco products.

Do you think you will need the coverage that a SMARTnet contract provides? If you do, you should consider purchasing this contract for your Cisco products. If not, there is no need to do so. The best investments in business are the ones that grow your business.

A Cisco SMARTnet contract may be a very “smart” purchase, depending on your business’s goals. You can purchase a SMARTnet contract from Netcon Solutions in Toronto and the GTA. For more information regarding Cisco products and Cisco contracts, contact us at our website online today.

● SMARTnet contracts are great if you think you will need the extra hardware support.
● Small businesses and non-tech focused businesses will benefit the most from these contracts.
● There are many benefits to purchasing a SMARTnet contract for any business owner.

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