The Used Cisco CP-7962G Has Everything You Need to Run a Business

Usually, the youngest business owners are the most serious. Whether you are deciding to start a business while in high school or college, or you are deciding in your thirties, you can succeed with the best equipment possible. The best equipment is also affordable, when you purchase used Cisco & IP wireless phones, especially the used Cisco CP-7962G phone.

The used Cisco CP-7962G has everything you need in a business phone, and more. Here are the top four functions you get with this capable phone.


Many people buy new phones, and keep buying new phones every year. The problem with buying new phones is that you are basically taking a chance if your phone will work or not, especially in the long term. New software can get glitches and bugs and new hardware can fail.

If you want to use your expenses budget wisely as a new business owner, you need to make financially-appropriate decisions. Purchasing a used Cisco CP-7962G phone is a great idea because it is time tested software and hardware, which will not let you down.

This is why countless offices, government employees, institutions, and more all used Cisco phones. When you want the best, you purchase the best.


Sure, you could use your cell phone for business. However, it is best to separate your private life from your professional life, and this is much easier to do in real life than on your phone. When it comes to audio, it is difficult usually to get good reception on cell phones and you may have to move to another room in your home or office to do so. In doing so, you may have to tell your roommate to be quiet, or stop your neighbors from partying for five minutes. This can put a damper on your business relationships.

The used Cisco CP-7962G offers wide-band audio via a speakerphone and headset. The wide-band is hi-fidelity, and the speakerphone is hands-free, allowing you to type or take notes while on the phone with clients and customers. Set yourself up for success with a used Cisco CP-7962G.

Calling Features for IP Wireless Phones

When you use a cell phone, limited information regarding your callers is displayed. This is because your cell phone was not intended by the manufacturer to be a business phone. There is information that would be shown on a Cisco phone that cannot be shown on your cell phone for this reason.

With a used Cisco CP-7962G phone, you can take advantage of its six programmable buttons, all of which are back-lit. With every call, you will be able to see the caller’s name, their number, the number you dialed, and more.

Network Connection

Unlike you cell phone, you can plug a used Cisco CP-7962G phone into your network, allowing you to use it to its fullest functionality. This allows you to make more secure calls and to ensure the voice traffic and data traffic you receive is secure as well. Cisco products are made secure because that is one of their purposes, unlike your cell phone, which is a consumer product and not meant for secure calls.

If security is an issue for your business, consider buying used Cisco & IP wireless phones for it. Security is always an asset, while the absence of it is not.

For reliable and quality used Cisco & IP Wireless Phones, including the used Cisco CP-7961G, the used Cisco CP-7942G, and the used Cisco CP-7962G, contact Netcon Solutions today. Countless business owners just like you from across Toronto and the GTA have had success with Cisco phones. For more information, please visit us at our website.

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