Centralize and Secure Your Network with Used Cisco POE Switches

Information security is a big issue these days. Everyday, there is some story or another about network breaches, leaks, hacks, and more. One of the strongest deterrents to having your information security compromised is to centralize your system. Used Cisco POE switches can help you centralize and securitize your system cheaply and efficiently. Start securing your network today!

Small, localized systems are perfect for new businesses and small businesses. It is unlikely you will need to run your network over multiple locations. As such, there is really no use of used Cisco Gigabit switches for you. You may want them in the future, but for now, used Cisco POE switches are perfect for your business.

Used Cisco POE switches require that your network is physically connected to them in order to be used. Ethernet cables are run from your power supply to your switch, to your appliances that are connected to the network. Running your network in a confined location means that only you and others authorized by you can access the network.

Versatility is the Key

Used Cisco POE switches are more versatile, and therefore better for small business owners, because the switches can be placed where outlets, and other forms of power supply, cannot. If you need to connect security cameras, for instance, to your network but there are no outlets in the back room where you want to set up a security camera command center, you can do that with used Cisco POE switches.

You can connect network appliances to the network from anywhere in the store using used Cisco POE switches. Camera, computers, alarm systems, and more can all be connected quickly and easily with a POE switch. Business owners who are new to entrepreneurship, and even those who have spent decades managing their store, can benefit from used Cisco POE switches. They give you the ability to configure your network the way you want, accommodating your needs, instead of the other way around.

Security First

By having the freedom to place your network components anywhere in the store, you can place them in the most secure areas, where unauthorized people cannot access them. This may be behind the register, in the back room, or even in your office, which is inaccessible to the public without your knowledge. Any space that is closed off to the public can work, and the more secure, the better.

The first rule of keeping your network safe is to remove access by people you do not want accessing it. Physical space between you and hackers is one of the best prevention strategies, since they may need to be physically present to hack you. With used Cisco POE switches, you are centralizing and securing your network the way you want.

Not all information is concealed in .doc and .pdf files. A lot of information can pass through your network. This is why practically everyone recommends securing your Wi-Fi with a long password and being careful to plug in USB flash drives or other external memory devices that you find randomly. Physically securing your network is no different. Everyone can do it, and so can you, with used Cisco POE switches.

For the best in used Cisco routers and switches, including used Cisco POE switches and used Cisco Gigabit switches, contact or visit Netcon Solutions in Toronto. Across the GTA, businessmen and women have been able to secure their networks using used Cisco POE switches, and now you can too. For more information, please visit us at our website to learn more.

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