Quality Control and Warranty When Buying Used Cisco Equipment

If you want to save money with your IT needs, purchasing refurbished Cisco equipment is an excellent option. However, if you are new to the IT market, and have never purchased used Cisco equipment before, it’s hard to know what features are most important to a buyer. It is important to start off by researching the product you require. After conducting thorough research, it is crucial to find a reliable supplier that can provide advice on the quality and requirements applicable to your Cisco equipment needs. That said, there are two critical items to consider when searching for a seller to provide you with top-quality used Cisco equipment: Warranty and Quality Control.

Used Cisco equipment should always be covered with a good warranty. You should seek a supplier that offers an extended warranty, ensuring that the used Cisco equipment you are buying has been restored to “like-new” condition. An important element of security would be to make sure the warranty contains a clause for parts replacement, so that you can replace defective equipment whenever necessary and as soon as possible. A supplier willing to offer you an extended warranty should be a good sign that they are providing high-quality used Cisco equipment.

With regards to quality control, renewal of high-performance electronic equipment must have good quality control measures. The process must have QA (quality assurance) throughout all redundant steps along the way. This type of care at each stage of the process will guarantee a high-level quality for your used Cisco equipment.

Used Cisco equipment is available in Canada at Netcon Solutions. Some of the used Cisco equipment we offer are the following:

  1. CCIE Equipment
  2. CCNA Equipment
  3. CCCNP Equipment

Network I.T. is a certified reseller, we buy and sell used Cisco equipment. We ship all over Toronto, the GTA and throughout Canada.  Contact us today to get a free quotation.

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