Purchase a Used Cisco CP-7961G for Your Home Office Today

If you work in a corporate office, you most likely have and use used Cisco & IP Wireless Phones while fulfilling tasks and projects. However, if you work from home, or even run your entire business from your home exclusively and never go to the office, you need a reliable phone with premium features like the used Cisco CP-7961G.

A Versatile Phone for a Versatile Business

There are so many different types of businesses people run out of their home office that few office supplies can appease any and all business owners. You could be a mommy blogger, a consultant or coach, or even a professional organizer and planner. In terms of products, you may run a repo business or even run a niche bakery. You need a phone that can do it all, day after day after day.

If you have children or other responsibilities outside the home, your work-life balance becomes even more stressful. You will never know when you need to dash and run some errands, pick up the kids from soccer practice, or even if you will be able to hear the phone. A simple cell phone or cordless home phone will not do. You need something more powerful: the used Cisco CP-7961G.

There are many great features that home businessmen and women need that are present in the used Cisco CP-7961G. A headset port allows you to block out exterior noise while conducting phone calls to clients and creditors. An Ethernet port allows you to connect your phone to the Internet. This feature is incredible for business owners that need to connect to the Internet, especially when on the go!

The myth of the illegible low-resolution screen no longer exists. Now, Cisco phones have large, high resolution screens. The used Cisco CP-7961G itself boasts a 320×222 4-bit graphical interface, allowing practically anyone to read their screen with ease. If you or one of your employees needs glasses to read, this feature is amazingly useful from Day 1. Lit buttons also allow you to work late into the night without waking anyone in the house.

Security is another issue on everyone’s mind nowadays. You need to keep your information, and your clients’ information, secure and secretive from the prying eyes of others. The used Cisco CP-7961G offers DTMF (dual tone multi-frequency) tones, allowing you to secure your business conversations with your clients. The only way others will get your information now is if you give it to them.

If you need a phone for your home office and a simple cell phone will not do, you should consider purchasing the used Cisco CP-7961G today. It has everything you need and more to run your home business without worry, and its features make it a great investment that will last you and your business for years.

Cisco is an industry leader in providing top-quality IT technological goods and services. There is a reason why you can find Cisco products in every office in America: They work, and they work well.

If you are looking for a reliable office phone for your home office, look no further than used Cisco & IP Wireless phones today. At Netcon Solutions in Toronto, we offer great Cisco phones like the used Cisco CP-7961G, the used Cisco CP-7942G, and the used Cisco CP-7962G. If you live and work in the city or throughout the GTA and require an office phone at home, contact us today.

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