Practice with CCNP Equipment to Pass Your CCNP Certifications

This scenario may seem familiar to you. You are studying strictly from a book and taking notes for an upcoming IT exam. However, you have been studying so much, you have forgotten how to learn or even why the information you are learning is important. As a result, you may not achieve as high a score that you would have liked on your examinations.

This happens to many IT professionals every day. They learn the theoretical information necessary to do well on their exams but they do not put it into practice as a part of their studying method, leaving them with learned absences in their knowledge. The easiest way to correct this is to study by incorporating practice with the relevant IT equipment into your studying methods.

If you are interested in attaining your CCNP certifications for the first time, you have probably been working with a CCNA or CCDA certification for at least a few years. However, the jump from an associate-level certification to a professional-level certification, especially when it comes to Cisco, may be challenging to you. It may be intellectually-challenging, you may not have the funds to order Cisco certification preparation classes online, or you may not have a lot of time to prepare for your examinations.

Luckily, the quickest way to ensure a passable grade is to become familiar with the types of questions the test will ask by practicing with an open book and CCNP equipment. After all, if you have already used CCNA equipment, the study format is the same. The only thing that changes is the material. The same study strategy will apply if you plan to study with CCIE equipment in the future for your CCIE certifications.

The Advantages to Using CCNP Equipment

There are three CCNP exams that you will have to sit: 642-902 ROUTE, 642-813 SWITCH, and 642-832 TSHOOT. The best way to learn how to route, switch, and troubleshoot Cisco IP networks at the enterprise level, both for your exams and once you put your CCNP skills into practice, is to use CCNP equipment.

Regardless of the specific CCNP certification you choose to pursue and achieve, you will be required to know physical skills as they pertain to your area of expertise. Theoretical knowledge may help but it will not be enough. Buying used Cisco equipment is the simplest and most affordable way to set up a study area in your home.

In addition, when you are done with the equipment, either when you pass your exams or you move on to studying for your CCIE certification in the future, you can always sell used Cisco equipment that you do not need. As the gold standard in IT equipment, Cisco is the industry-standard. The system you use will still be useful to another IT professional.

Physically applying your theoretical knowledge while studying for your CCNP examinations will be much more memorable that simply reading from a book and taking light notes. Even if you use spaced repetition, you need to put your knowledge into practice.

When you do so, you will discover things you had not thought of, or you find extra challenges to pursue to get a larger idea of the equipment you are using, and the methodology behind the processes you are implementing. This is the main advantage behind using CCNP equipment, or any other applicable and relevant equipment, when studying for your examinations.

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