Network I.T. is An Ideal Choice for Buying Used Cisco Equipment

Are you looking for top quality Cisco networking equipment at affordable prices? If so, look no further.

At Network I.T., we carry an extensive inventory of used Cisco equipment. Currently, the products you can buy from us include Cisco switches (configurable), switches (fixed), switch modules, Routers (fixed and configurable), router modules, security, memory, transceivers/GBIC, telephony/VOIP, cables, rack-mounts, and many more.

Apart from our top-notch products, Network I.T. is well known for its “green” and environmentally sound business practices, a matchless knowledge base, and an unparalleled level of customer support. Network I.T. is backed by highly competent Cisco hardware specialists, leaving no stone unturned to provide the best available service. Network I.T helps you choose a product that can best match your specific network requirements and budget.

Network I.T. understands that new or struggling businesses on a tight budget can’t afford to buy the “latest and greatest” in equipment. Thus, we make things easier for them by selling pre-owned/used devices with “like-new” condition at the most affordable rates.

With the sole aim of providing 100% customer satisfaction, Network I.T. ensures that all products go through a rigorous testing procedure prior to being offered to the customers. You can buy used Cisco equipment from us, and be rest assured to receive a top quality product. Unlike many other resellers in the market, we do not have any hidden costs or last minute surprises to spoil the whole deal. Even our customers know how much we are concerned about their needs and always strive to improve ourselves through suggestions.

As a legitimate reseller, Network I.T. can give you a good value for your product. Network I.T. specializes in:

a.            CCIE Equipment

b.            CCNA Equipment

c.             CCNP Equipment

So, if you can’t currently afford to purchase brand new Cisco equipment, you can rely on us to help you save money and still benefit from the high end technology by purchasing used Cisco equipment from us. For order status, delivery status, or billing information pertaining to any of the Cisco equipment we sell, feel free to call us.

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