Make Your Workplace More Secure with a Used Cisco

Security should be of the utmost concern to any employer or employee that values their clients’ data. Security does not just mean physical security, like security guards and personnel badges. It can also mean digital security, which can encompass keeping data safe while it is at rest and while it is transit. For data security while on the phone, consider using a VoIP phone, like the used Cisco CP-7942G, today. Data security over the phone is an overlooked, albeit very important, part of keeping data safe.

Mobile Devices are Easily Lost

The greatest advantage cellular phones and other mobile devices offer is the greatest disadvantage to using them. They get lost easily. We take our work out of the office and onto the street with our phones and, in doing so, we can easily misplace our phones by leaving them in the car, somewhere in our home, or at the movie theater.

This may not seem like a big deal but our phones are no longer just phones. They are email devices, word processors, personal entertainment units, and so much more. All the business data that you keep in your phone is vulnerable and, as a business owner or employee, your clients trust you with their important data.

You have to keep your phone safe from everyone who is not involved with your business, even family members. This is why the core of IT security is the CIA triad, which is meant to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. Cellular phones can be replaced but the data on them may not be.

VoIP phones may seem like something out of Pleasantville but they are reliable, trustworthy, and are always where you expect them to be: sitting on your work desk in your office. No matter what happens, the data on your VoIP phones, like the used Cisco CP-7942G, are kept secure 24/7.

Used Cisco CP 7942Gs’ Have Great Security Functions and Features

Using the Setting Key on your used Cisco CP-7942G, you can configure your security settings to fit your usability preferences. While security is always a welcome addition to any product, if your usability suffers, it can make for a less pleasant work experience.

Some people, for instance, have a master password for their computer while others use separate passwords for the various applications they use and run. Others save all their passwords to their computer so they do not have to remember them. Depending on the data you handle, and the business you work at, you may need to configure your security settings, even on your phone.

The used Cisco CP-7942G has a 2-Port Ethernet Switch, which is located internally, for added security when connecting to your Local Area Network (LAN). You can even add a virtual LAN for added security in order to ensure the safety of your data when sending it through your networks. Configuring your used Cisco CP-7942G’s IP address may also be of interest to you, in case you want to create sub-networks or other security features to better protect your data from being sniffed.

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