For Faster Service, Choose Used Cisco Gigabit Switches Today

Does this scenario seem familiar? You just started your business a few years ago and you and your employees still use the equipment you had when you opened your doors. Some employees still use their personal phones and computers for work. You have a basic IT infrastructure set up but nothing fancy. You are also utilizing used Cisco POE switches, and, while they are fast enough for your business right now, you are considering speeding your business operations in the immediate future.

Basic used Cisco POE switches may have been fine when you were just starting your business and had to keep expenses low. However, once you start taking on serious clients, you need to be serious about your company’s expansion to meet the work demands. You keep to be faster, quicker, and more prepared, the longer your business is open. After all, your competitors will be. Every new client presents a unique opportunity for your business to grow, and it must, if you want to earn more revenue.

While you are earning more revenue, the expenses you pay are technically cheaper, since they cover an increasingly expanding business. In addition, slightly more expensive expenses can be justified, and will pay for themselves the more clients you earn because of them. One example of such an investment is switching to used Cisco Gigabit switches.

Fast File Transfers

Transferring files may not seem like an important thing to speed up, but it can be a vital part of doing business. You can need to transfer files to other workers, to clients, or to customers. File sizes can be many Gigabits in size, and the time it takes to transfer such files is crucial to being productive at work.

During the file transfer process, your computer’s resources are being used, which slows down your work if you are working on something else while the files transfer.

Switching to used Cisco Gigabit switches will speed up the transfer of files for you and your business. If you need to send presentations to clients, or parse through data for customers, or more, you should consider making the switch to faster service.

An Affordable Ways to Upgrade Your Business

Used Cisco Gigabit switches may seem like the future, and they are, but that does not mean you will have to worry about purchasing some. Usually, future tech is expensive and only decreases in price after a few years once a product becomes popular. However, used Cisco Gigabit switches are affordable and can cost well under 100 dollars per unit.

If you want to upgrade your business’s speed, you can easily save up the money required to purchase used Cisco routers and switches like used Cisco Gigabit switches, within a few weeks or months. If you are under a deadline to increase your speed, money can be quickly obtained using a company credit card.

Since you will have the money in a few weeks anyways, purchasing used Cisco Gigabit switches can be a good investment to make, especially if you can use the Gigabit switches to drum up more business and increase your revenue long-term.

For the best in used Cisco routers and switches, especially used Cisco POE switches and used Cisco Gigabit switches, contact Netcon Solutions today. Business owners in Toronto and the GTA who are looking to increase the speed they experience on their IT systems would do well to upgrade. For more information, or to see what we have in stock, please visit us at our website today.

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