Implementing Used Cisco IP Wireless Phone Systems is a Smart Business Move

For businesses that are looking in order to get the most of IP telephone systems so that they can reduce upon conversation expenses, used Cisco IP phone systems can offer a good alternative to landline phones, in order to make use of the technologies while staying away from the price of brand-new gear.

VoIP (Voice over IP) utilizes the web process to determine tone-of-voice marketing communications, whereas conventional telephone systems make use of telecommunications providers’ systems to determine tone of voice phone calls. Generally, phone calls created utilizing VoIP tend to have the exact same quality level as  a normal telephone phone. The main difference is price. VoIP phone calls are just the small fraction associated with the price of a normal phone.

While the actual more recent systems provide additional benefits when compared with their own old counterparts, scaled-down businesses which do not require this kind of functionality can certainly make use of used or even restored IP and Wireless systems. In fact, old IP phone systems continue to be broadly utilized across many businesses to assist in their own internal as well as exterior marketing communications systems.


By buying used Cisco IP phone systems, companies may lengthen as well as improve their own marketing communications abilities while preserving a great deal of cash. This in turn causes it to be a good investment for just about any organization.

Some companies will resell their used Cisco IP and Wireless phones directly to other businesses as they may want to upgrade to the “latest and greatest” equipment. While there are advantages to that, the biggest disadvantage is in that the product isn’t certified for re-use. That’s what a certified reseller like Network I.T. is for.

Netcon Solutions (Netnit) offers the following Wireless IP Phones for your business:

a.            Used Cisco CP-7961G

b.            Used Cisco CP-7942G

c.             Used Cisco CP-7962G

Netcon Solutions is located in Toronto, Ontario and ships throughout Canada and the US. Contact Netcon Solutions ( today to get a free quote on Used Cisco IP and Wireless Phones today.

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