10 Reasons Why to Buy Used Cisco Equipment

  1. When you buy used Cisco equipment, you can generally save more than 50% to 90% on the price compared to new ones.
  2. Resellers of used Cisco equipment usually provide better customer service so you can really speak to them for free.
  3. Reputable used Cisco equipment resellers mainly supply warranties that rival any manufacturer warranty.
  4. New Cisco equipment will already be classified as “used” once the box is opened. You can therefore do some research on how heavily the equipment was used before deciding to buy.
  5. The best vendor for used Cisco equipment has likely already tested the hardware to ensure that it’s working optimally. This will save some headaches down the road.
  6. Used Cisco equipment is environmentally “green.” This is a plus as most other electronic equipment includes hazardous materials that threaten wildlife and the environment in general.
  7. Purchasing used Cisco equipment makes you look financially sensible. That likely will bring you a lot of praise from your boss.
  8. Used Cisco equipment dealers normally offer other used Cisco models to make sure that your network will have the very best product model numbers.
  9. When it comes to Cisco equipment, there is an exception to the new buying rule. GBICs (Gigabit interface converters), for example, can be purchased as a no-name brand or as a used Cisco product, compatible to the manufacturer’s item, at a reduced price tag.
  10. Cash saved from a business by acquiring used Cisco network equipment can in turn be utilized by providing your employees a surprise bonus. This in turn boosts morale, which in turn leads to increased productivity.

Some of the equipment we offer are:

a.            CCIE Equipment

b.            CCNA Equipment

c.             CCNP Equipment

Network I.T. is a certified reseller of used Cisco equipment in Toronto, the GTA, and throughout Canada.


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