Giving Your Used Cisco Equipment A New Home

I.T. gear always evolves at an exponential rate, with new models containing additional features being launched every month. More often than not it’s become difficult and expensive to keep up with the constant changes and to keep buying a new gadget every time a new one comes out.

What to Do with Your Used Cisco Equipment

Many companies feel that it’s necessary to purchase the “latest and greatest” computer devices and peripherals, either to keep up with the trends or simply to stay ahead of the competition. One might ask these companies used equipment is disposed when they get to replace the old ones with the new. In terms of branding, one of the most reliable and popular brands in the I.T. world is Cisco, and they are one of the top companies that periodically release upgraded and improved devices to its consumers.

If you are the type that acquires the newest models on a frequent basis, you may find yourself owning lots of used Cisco equipment that you no longer need. Instead of stocking them up to collect dust, you can sell them to a secondary market that refurbishes these items and sells it again for a reasonable price.

Newer versions are generally released only months apart. So technically, the equipment you are getting replaced with the brand new one is not exactly outdated. That said, you can get a good price for your old equipment provided that you can find the right buyer. Make sure it is still in good working condition though as this greatly influences the selling power of your gear.

What to Note When Trying to Sell Your Used Cisco Equipment

  • Find a legitimate reseller. There are many dealers that are out to “make a quick buck out” of people like you that are trying to sell second-hand items.
  • Know the current value or market price of the item you are trying to sell. You need to have an idea on how high or how low you can sell it for.
  • Test-run your used Cisco equipment before disposing of it to make sure that you are selling it with no damage and that it is good as new.

You can usually get a good price for more recent versions so you should know at what price to agree to sell it. Damaged and older model equipment is tricky to dispose of, however, you may still find some that are willing to repair and sell it for you.

You can find these buyers mostly online. All you have to do is search for them and pick out the one that can offer you a decent price for your old equipment. You can always use the money you get from the sale of your old things towards the purchase of new ones.

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