Get the Right Used Cisco Router Gear for your Cisco Home Lab

One of the biggest challenges for people getting into the world of Cisco is knowing how to learn the equipment and the systems without completely breaking the bank.

Many entry-level people in IT simply don’t have a lot of money available to spend on an extensive Cisco lab, and not everyone has an employer with suitable lab equipment. This article focuses on affordable options for routers and switches.

Choosing Used Routers and Switches

There are a number of routers to choose from that exist in the open market. Some are better-priced than others depending on who the seller is as well as the amount of experience. Unfortunately, many of those selling used Cisco equipment are looking to “make a quick buck” and not help those attempting to become more knowledgeable in the field. This gives Cisco-certified companies like Network I.T. an opportunity to offer certification-friendly used Cisco routers and switches that is reasonably priced.

Getting a used Cisco router or switch needs to not only make sense price-wise, but also needs to work well. Network I.T. ensures that its used Cisco equipment, such as routers and switches, are efficient and not defective. Network I.T. thoroughly tests all used Cisco routers and switches prior to resale.

Therefore, when choosing used Cisco routers and Switches amid the numerous shady resellers that are around, choosing Network I.T. for your used Cisco equipment needs has never been easier.

We currently offer the following specialty used Cisco switches:

a.            Used Cisco POE Switches

b.            Used Cisco Gigabit Switches

Network I.T. sells used Cisco routers and switches in Toronto, the GTA and throughout Canada.

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