Four Reasons to Use Juniper Switches Today

Switches, or network switches, allow different devices like printers and computers, for instance, to communicate and send information to each other. While there are many different types of switches like unmanaged or managed switches, alternatives like hubs, and completely different products like routers, all of which may overlap in their duties, switches are an essential piece of equipment in your business network. Here, in greater detail, are four reasons why Juniper switches are a great business investment and will service all your networking needs for years to come.

Juniper Switches are Reliable

Beyond the fact that Juniper switches are top-quality pieces of hardware, your networks will not suffer from any delays or lags when using Juniper equipment, as is commonly expected from other companies’ inferior equipment. Regardless of your network size or needs, Juniper switches will meet them.

With Juniper’s EX Series of switches, which support network access control (or unified access control as termed by Juniper), you can program Juniper switches to recognize and enforce access policies. This is a great improvement in network security as you no longer have to rely on VPNs, switches from other companies, or firewalls, all of which can be hacked or made redundant without your knowledge. By choosing Juniper switches, you are ensuring the health and vitality of your company’s networking IT.

Affordable Quality

As much as you may want to purchase expensive IT equipment to ensure your IT department has only the best, Cisco equipment is prohibitively expensive for small and medium sized businesses. Luckily, Juniper offers top-quality equipment at much more affordable prices. Cisco Systems is like the Apple Computers of the IT industry. You can pay top dollar for a great product, however this does not mean other computers like Alienware or Dell Computers are worse, they are just different.

Juniper Systems is that equally qualified alternative to Cisco Systems. Disrupting the IT networking market in the 1980s and continuing to make waves today, Juniper is the company that broke Cisco’s monopoly over the market, mainly through their pricing plan without sacrificing quality.

The Changing Realities of the Workplace

Few workers solely use the work computers provided to them. Most will work, full or part-time, on their own tablets, phones and laptops. Without a Juniper system, this can be a nightmare to allow employees to use their own devices while still ensuring the security and integrity of your network. Luckily, Juniper systems have great network security software for their products, allowing you to connect your personal device to Juniper switches, for instance, without a problem.

In addition, while Cisco is the name brand of the IT networking market, it is out of the price range for most small and medium-sized businesses. Of all the newer IT companies that attempted to unseat Cisco in the 1980s, Juniper is the only one that succeeded, and continues to succeed. Unless you want, and can afford, Cisco equipment, it is better to choose Juniper systems.

The JUNOS Operating System Juniper Switches Run On

If you have run an IT department or worked in IT before, you will know that equipment fails. You may have even experienced one module shutting down your entire system when it did so. While reasons for this failure vary from the inability to reroute packets around the failed module, to not rigging up alternate routers in case one fails, the lesson here is to expect failure and prepare for success. With the JUNOS operating system, your network will be protect against a system-wide crash in the event a module breaks or become unresponsive.

JUNOS is a game-changer for the IT networking industry, for two reasons. First, JUNOS’s modular design means that every module is kept separate from each other, ensuring that one module will not crash your entire system. Second, JUNOS’s single train compatibility means that every Juniper product, whether a router, switch, or other product, carries the same JUNOS operating system to ensure cross-compatibility.

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