Four Reasons to Get Cisco SMARTnet

Every customer that purchases a Cisco product has the added option of purchasing a Cisco SMARTnet contract to go with it. While you might save money in the short-term by avoiding a SMARTnet contract, the benefits of purchasing one will more than make up for the initial cost, even saving you money in the long-term. Here are the top four reasons you should purchase a Cisco SMARTnet contract whenever you buy new or used Cisco products.

Cisco SMARTnet Ensures Product Compatibility

In order for your IT department to run, you need to ensure all hardware and software used is compatible with each other. If even one part is not compatible with the rest, your system may not run. With SMARTnet, you can ensure product compatibility when using Cisco products, a leader in IT products.

Each Cisco product you buy, whether new or used, comes with a Cisco SMARTnet contract. Authorized resellers, like Netcon Solutions, help clients with both your purchase and the SMARTnet contract associated to it to ensure ease of use and a great purchase experience, every time.

However, product compatibility does not only apply to your own IT system, it applies to others as well. Cisco SMARTnet is the industry standard. Whether you have to replace or completely reconfigure your system in the future, it pays to have a SMARTnet contract. If you hire new IT employees, having a Cisco system will be extremely beneficial to them as they will not have to learn a new system or battle a steep learning curve in addition to their routine duties.

Ease of Operation and Use

You may think you have enough IT knowledge or employ enough IT workers that you do not need a SMARTnet contract. However, there is always more to learn, and people become busy. With a SMARTnet contract, you can ensure ease of use with Cisco’s professional, quality resources created for you to maximize the utility of your Cisco products.

Every Cisco SMARTnet contract includes the following technical support: updates and patches, firmware, replacement equipment if yours is physically damaged, a proper IOS image, configuration assistance, etc. All these benefits to owning a SMARTnet contract is especially worthwhile when issued by Cisco or authorized Cisco resellers, who take great pride in their reputation for their leadership in the IT industry.

You Don’t Need to Register to Be Eligible

Clients, both registered and non-registered, can enjoy the benefits of a Cisco SMARTnet contract. Furthermore, on Cisco’s website, you can find open and available technical support, regardless of registration status. Information is also available for other industry-related companies and products, not just Cisco but any IP network technology.

Access to Cisco’s Technical Assistance Center

Cisco’s Technical Assistance Center is a website that provides helpful tools to customers with Cisco SMARTnet contracts like: forums, documents, operating system support, a support wikipedia site, and software and hardware support and replacement.

SMARTnet is a great way to easily ensure your IT needs are met, and quickly. If you run a small or medium sized business, you know you cannot do everything required. IT is one of the tasks it is better to delegate to a subordinate due to the time and effort required for most issues you may come across. You only have 24 hours in a day and have to use them wisely.

Beyond 24-hour access to the Technical Assistance Center and Cisco’s online resources, you also receive replacement hardware with different shipping times from 2 hours to next business day options. SMART Call Home is another service offered, which provides device alerts on all enabled devices, both diagnostic and proactive in nature. Cisco has made itself a leader due to its customer service and quality products. Staying true to its purpose, it is still an industry leader.

Netcon Solutions is an authorized Cisco reseller based in Toronto. We serve clients in and around Toronto, and the GTA. If you would like to purchase Cisco SMARTnet, or simply just have questions, please contact us at our website for more information.

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