4 Things to Know Before Deploying Your Business’s New IP Telephony and VoIP System

There are plenty of benefits to switching to an IP Telephony and VoIP (Voice over IP) communications system for your business. To keep up with your competition, VoIP is far more convenient and reliable than traditional methods.
If your organization is already on track to obtain a VoIP system, here are a few things to consider for a smooth transition.

Plan Out the Process

Even the best IP Telephony and VoIP providers might slip up, so give yourself some extra time during installation in case any deployment issues pop up.
Similarly, let all your managers and employees know the switch is happening, so they are on-board and prepared.

Design a Network Diagram

Your service provider will most likely plan out the technical details, but having an accurate idea of how your network will be structured will help you understand what you have and what you’ll need. For example, is there enough bandwidth in your network infrastructure to support the voice quality and signal strength requirements your business needs?

Check Your Hardware

Most IP Telephony and VoIP service providers bundle in the phones themselves. Ensure any new dedicated hardware you’ll be receiving is up to your standards.
• The phones should support Power over Ethernet, where a single cable carries the data stream and the power.
• Include a LAN switch if you’re planning to route a single LAN cable to both a desktop and a phone.
• Check the ports. A 1000 Mbps port on the IP phone is necessary for a Gigabit Ethernet connection for instance.
• You can choose to save money by forgoing dedicated phones altogether in favor of softphones, or software that allows regular devices to function as IP phones.

Check Your Bandwidth

Bandwidth is typically offered in tiers, each one exponentially larger than the previous. 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and 1000 Mbps are the common versions.
It may seem like overkill at first, but don’t be afraid to step up to a faster connection if you believe you’ll need it. Your company doesn’t need the additional cost and downtime of upgrading the IP Telephony and VoIP system later.
Your choice of streaming codec can have an effect as well. A codec converts your voice to a data stream that will be transmitted over the Internet. An 8Kbps codec doesn’t offer the same voice quality as a 64Kbps one, but it does save on bandwidth. Check with your IT department and find the sweet spot for your use case.

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• Switching to an IP Telephony and VoIP system is a great upgrade to your business’s communications.
• Before switching, plan out your new network infrastructure carefully. Ensure the hardware and bandwidth you get are sufficient to serve all your purposes.
• To save on costs, get your networking equipment refurbished from Netcon Solutions.

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