3 Things You Should Know About Cisco SMARTnet

Corporate networking is a complex yet vital job every business deals with. But with tons of equipment and software to keep track of, most IT departments can have trouble keeping everything running at peak efficiency, resulting in costly downtime for the company.
Luckily, Cisco, one of the most trusted providers of networking and telecommunications equipment, offers the Cisco SMARTnet service. Through technical support provided by Cisco themselves to comprehensive hardware coverage and warranties, SMARTnet is designed to streamline your corporate workflow and reduce downtime.
Cisco has been offering the service to companies across the world. Interested? Here are 3 things you should know about Cisco SMARTnet.

Cisco SMARTnet Features Instant Tech Support

One of SMARTnet’s premier features is full technical support from experts provided directly by the Cisco Technical Assistance Center. Working alongside your own business’s local IT department, Cisco technicians are CCIE-certified, have an average of over 5 years of experience in the tech support industry, and can help diagnose and fix issues more quickly. Full access is available globally 24/7 every day of the year.
Cisco technicians are also useful in remote locations where technical support is difficult or expensive to deploy otherwise. Plus, Cisco support can order and install new replacement hardware in as little as a few hours, minimizing downtime for you.

SMARTnet Provides Valuable Information

To solve network issues quickly, Cisco SMARTnet offers you the chance to do it yourself through an online library of self-help tutorials, downloads, tools, and operating system updates. In fact, almost 3 million software downloads are made in a month on Cisco’s main website, and 80% of technical support issues are solved directly through the site.
SMARTnet also provides real-time information on service coverage and hardware longevity, as well as alerting you of networking issues instantly. Having full insight into the company’s networking goes a long way to ensuring efficient operation.

SMARTnet Produces Results

Cisco SMARTnet encompasses a wide variety of services and resources, but what management wants to know is whether it does the job. The statistics show that it certainly does.
According to Forrester’s 2017 Total Economic Impact Study, Cisco SMARTnet, when deployed, resulted in an average:
• 75% reduced length in networking outages
• $1.6 million saved from reduced downtime
• 65% lower risk of security breaches
• $150K reduced operating cost
Not only that, but Cisco has won the J.D. Power and Associates “Outstanding Customer Service Experience” award 11 times because of SMARTnet’s performance. Its global adoption is another testament to its reliability.

Netcon Solutions – Toronto, GTA

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• Business networking is an important aspect of every business, but it also opens the possibility of expensive downtime and costly repairs. Some managers depend more on internal IT departments to do the job.
• Cisco has designed the Cisco SMARTnet service to assist IT departments in streamlining workflows and reducing downtime through online guides, on-site support, and generous warranty coverage. Instant on-site support and repairs greatly reduce operation cost and security risks for many businesses.
• Netcon Solutions is your business’s best provider in the Toronto area of price-efficient Cisco networking equipment alongside other major brands like Dell, Juniper, and IBM. Gain an edge over the competition with the full benefit of SMARTnet services today!

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