3 Safety Tips to Manage Vulnerabilities and Improve Your Network Security

Every company’s network security is constantly facing new attacks from all kinds of agents. New vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered within every piece of software and networking protocol. It’s important to stay ahead of the game: even a single discovered vulnerability in your network can lead to disaster, including massive losses for your business from cyber-attacks.

Vulnerability management, or VM, is a task that every company’s IT department must face. Any serious business or organization that uses technology and relies on network security to any extent will have its VM covered.

With this danger in mind, a smart business owner will be asking how to prevent catastrophes like this. Fortunately, with proper vulnerability management, it’s not difficult to stay ahead of cyber attackers and protect your company. Here are a few ways to make sure your vulnerability management is working:

1. No Secrets from Network Security

Network vulnerabilities are particularly devastating in the areas of your business with access to sensitive information or assets. The first instinct for most business owners is to restrict access to these areas to as few people as possible. This method, however, is rather ineffective when it comes to vulnerability management and network security.

Even with proper training and technique, it’s impossible to handle vulnerabilities you aren’t fully aware of. Your VM program needs to have oversight over all areas of your business, including the most sensitive ones.

2. No Exceptions

Whether it’s an outdated piece of equipment or simply something that doesn’t fit into your system, exceptions to your VM program are a bad idea. Excluding some components of your system from VM can lead to big holes in your network security.

It’s well worth the extra price to cycle out the equipment in question to updated versions that fit into your VM program. The more exceptions to your VM, the more likely it is for cybercriminals to exploit undetected vulnerabilities in your system.

3. Choosing a Metric

Your vulnerability management program will need some oversight of its own. The problem is that it can be difficult to come up with a metric to measure exactly how effective your program is. Defining what is “good” for your VM is critical to improving it.

It’s best to choose one metric and stick with it until your VM program has improved to satisfaction. There are several good metrics to choose from, including time taken for detecting a new vulnerability and time taken for patching it. Whichever you choose for network security, it’s important to audit your vulnerability management regularly to make sure it is keeping up.

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● Vulnerability management is a key part of network security.
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