Saving Money Through Second Hand: A Quick Guide to the Refurbished Market for Buying Dell Used Parts

Enterprise-grade components, servers, and parts are more durable, more reliable, and more featured than their consumer-grade counterparts. They’re also aimed at businesses with larger budgets than the average individual. It’s no surprise then that they tend to cost a lot to compensate.

If the IT department wants to save some of the budget this quarter, it should look into buying Dell used parts or IBM servers through Netcon Solutions, where refurbished or used components can be had for drastically lower prices without compromising on the quality.

But let’s back up a bit first. Used parts are self-explanatory: second-hand hardware for a lower price. However, what exactly does “refurbished” entail, and can you trust the moniker?

Defining “Refurbished”

As it turns out, there is no official definition of “refurbished.” Component buyers collectively agree that the term implies the items are in a better condition than standard “used” parts. Some common cases of refurbished components include:

• An item was purchased by a customer but returned to the manufacturer for any reason. The seller cleaned, repaired, and re-authorized the item for resale later at a lower price.
• A reseller purchased a used component, restored it to a better condition, and sold it.
• The item was damaged during its last usage cycle, and the issues were fixed by the manufacturer before reselling.

What Should I Consider When Buying Refurbished?

When you’re buying Dell used parts, stick to well-established and trustworthy resellers. Netcon Solutions, for instance, has been serving enterprise businesses for over 2 decades. Our staff has a track record of providing a reliable experience for refurbished products.

Also, avoid sellers that don’t offer warranties or at least customer support with their sales. Commonly, you’ll find 90-day warranties, but some of the most generous sellers bump that up to a full year like Netcon Solutions.

What Components Are Suitable for Refurbishment?

• Machine enclosures and server racks are essentially metal housings and can be refurbished easily assuming their structure remains intact.
• CPUs are surprisingly durable and tend to last for long periods assuming adequate cooling and no mishandling. Double check the physical condition of your refurbished CPUs (the bottom where the pins come in contact with the motherboard especially).
• We do not recommend purchasing refurbished storage drives in most circumstances. Drive failure can result in tremendous data loss, though most servers have redundant storage to prevent major incidents. Keep in mind that recycling storage devices can be a security risk, so you likely won’t find many businesses returning their drives.
• While power supplies from trustworthy manufacturers usually last a long time, any failure can result in damaging other parts of your server or network. For this reason, be careful when dealing with refurbished PSUs.

Buy Dell Used Parts | Netcon Solutions | Toronto, GTA

Want to buy Dell used parts to save on the company budget this year? As we have discussed, finding a trustworthy provider is the primary consideration for finding high-quality pre-owned equipment.
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And, of course, expect a full-year warranty and customer support on all your orders. Buy Dell used parts and other server hardware with confidence by contacting us.
• Refurbished components are typically units sent back to the manufacturer upon the first sale and restored for resale.
• Refurbished products should only be purchased from authorized and trustworthy resellers.
• Netcon Solutions is your go-to for buying Dell used parts. Take a look at our products on offer today.