Why You Should Use IP Telephony and VoIP for Your Office

Like many small business owners, you and your staff most likely use either personal phones to conduct business with clients, or you use phones that, while dedicated to office use, are not office phones per se. If you do this, you probably use smartphones as office phones, even though smartphones will never be able to truly replace an office phone in function or features.

While any form of telephony solution can work as a way to contact clients, customers, each other, etc., you should use dedicated IP telephony and VoIP technology if you want the best results.

In this article, we will discuss why you should use IP telephony and VoIP for your office, and the benefits that your business will experience by doing so.

The Benefits of IP Telephony

IP Telephony is scalable, and you need a scalable phone system if you are considering expanding your business. For some entrepreneurs and small business operators, it makes sense to keep their business small. A consulting business with a central brand behind the founder comes to mind as a business which does not need to employ many people. However, other businesses, like news blogs, do need to hire lots of people.

The more people you hire, the more scalable your systems need to be. This need goes beyond the sim-ple phone system. Networks, software, payroll, and other systems that are often taken for granted need to scale, and scale well.

With IP Telephony, adding more phone lines is simple. You can easily set up mobile work stations, allow-ing employees to work remotely. You can scale up or down the phone lines to ensure that you are using your phone system as efficiently as possible. Many more benefits exist, but these are some of the most useful.

The Benefits of VoIP Technology

VoIP is another technology that you should incorporate into your small business’s telephone networking system.

VoIP technology helps you save money because VoIP providers are more affordable, especially when factoring in long-distance call rates, than conventional phone line providers. Think of how much your staff need to call non-local numbers to converse with clients, customers, suppliers, etc. Now, think of how much money you will save by switching to VoIP.

Being able to easily setup remote work stations is another big advantage that small business owners do not take advantage of as much as they should. Many small business owners attach a geographic signifi-cance to their business. However, you can benefit greatly by allowing your employees to work remotely, and VoIP technology can help you do this easily.

By simply connecting to the internet, your employees will have access to their VoIP accounts via your business network. Your employees will be able to remain productive no matter where they are, whether they are conducting business overseas, or working from home as a stay-at-home parent. Just because your employee cannot come into work does not mean they stop being productive. Many employees would rather work from home, and VoIP telephony technology can make this a reality.

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IP Telephony and VoIP allow you to:

  • Scale your business easily
  • Reduce the complexity of setting up and maintaining phone lines
  • Save money on telecommunications
  • Provide your employees with greater work flexibility and the ability to work remotely

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