What Extra Features Does Cisco SMARTnet Offer and Is It Worth It For You?

Cisco is widely renowned as one of the best manufacturers of networking equipment. Like most providers, Cisco offers a variety of warranties and technical support plans to help your business effectively manage your network with reliable products. Warranties are a guarantee that Cisco believes its products will function correctly and will be responsible for any replacement or repair of defective equipment in due time.

Depending on how much you want to invest, customers have the option of upgrading their standard warranty to a Cisco SMARTnet service. Understanding the similarities and differences between a standard warranty and Cisco SMARTnet will enable IT employees to make educated decisions regarding their business’s networking.

The Similarities

Both plans cover all hardware and software-related replacements and repairs, including operating systems with few exceptions.
However, application software updates are not included with either option. Those are only available on Cisco SAS and SASU plans through Software Application Support. You also won’t find security threat protection, which is mainly offered by Cisco’s IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems) service.

The Differences

There are many reasons to choose Cisco SMARTnet over the standard warranty. Your company’s networking needs might be higher, or your budget might allow for better protection. In either case, you can enjoy the following:
• Faster hardware replacement. Standard warranties will send new equipment to your door within 10 business days. Cisco SMARTnet will send it on the next available business day. The benefits extend beyond simple replacement though.
• The coverage period is longer as well. Standard duration is generally 90 days for hardware and software with some lifetime warranty options. Cisco SMARTnet gives you renewable contracts that last several years at a time.
• Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) is a feature of Cisco SMARTnet, where you can get full coverage with documents and online resources for troubleshooting technical issues.
• The main reason Cisco SMARTnet is such a popular option is the onsite servicing options available exclusively with the plan. Certified Cisco technicians can do your networking troubleshooting for you.
• Finally, you get bonuses like operating system updates and registered online technical support.
Cisco SMARTnet is a reliable program that is recommended for businesses that want a plan that offers a lot of coverage. If you have any questions about it, feel free to contact a member of the Netcon Solutions team today.

Netcon Solutions | Cisco SMARTnet | Toronto | GTA

Choosing Cisco SMARTnet is a great idea if you want to avoid any problems with mission-critical projects. Beyond your support needs, Netcon Solutions offers quality networking equipment without breaking your company budget. While used hardware is seen as risky by many, Netcon Solutions makes the process reliable and easy with warranties and service. We recommend you browse our extensive list of used and refurbished networking equipment.

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• Got a new Cisco network running? You should take the time to think about your warranty options. Cisco offers a standard warranty alongside a special program known as Cisco SMARTnet.
• SMARTnet, in addition to hardware and software protection, adds on faster replacement times, longer coverage times, online resources, and onsite services. It might be the choice for you if your company is serious about networking.
• Netcon Solutions sells refurbished and used networking equipment, including routers and switches from Cisco, at competitive prices with great warranties.

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