Used Cisco Routers

Cisco is one of the most respectable companies. From its humble beginnings in 1984, when two partners founded the company in San Francisco (Cisco is short for Francisco, hence the name), the company grew to the point of going public in 1990, and has spread globally. They even offer a series of coveted networking certification programs which, if earned, can boost ones salary significantly. In any case, Cisco been a choice product for computer networking savvy consumers ever since.
What has made Cisco famous was their routers. Cisco’s routers are very feature-rich and can support larger organizations in ways that lower-end routers cannot.
As a result, Cisco routers are high-end in pricing. A sample reading has shown that they can range anywhere from $110 to $37,000. While you may “get what you pay for,” a new Cisco router doesn’t seem to make sense for smaller organizations.

Why Do I Want a Used Cisco Router Over a New One?

Therefore it seems that getting second-hand used Cisco routers from a reputable vendor is the “way to go.” However, since some might be scared off by the words “used” or “refurbished,” here are some reasons why Cisco is different.

Used Cisco Routers Offer Stability

One reason to purchase used Cisco routers is the stability they offer. Cisco routers have a long life-span – usually 7 to 10 years. Therefore, a used Cisco router should last a good few years at the very least.

Used Cisco Routers Are More Affordable

Purchasing anything used will instantly save you money. Used Cisco routers are no exception. With the right provider you can save at least 50 percent the original price. Also, with the lifespan a Cisco product has, a used Cisco router is incredibly cost effective when averaging the router’s cost per year.

What Used Cisco Routers Does Netnit Offer, a Toronto, Ontario-based company, offers a wide variety of Used Cisco routers that can support an organization of any size. offers Router at discounts of up to 90% off, and ships throughout Canada and the United States.

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