Used Cisco Routers and Switches: Improving Business Operations and the Bottom Line

Buying used Cisco routers and switches lets your business take advantage of cutting-edge advances in network technology without paying premium prices. Unlike ordinary used routers/switches, used Cisco routers and switches from Netcon Solutions provide the foundation for an intelligent, solid network, with industry-leading technologies that can protect your investment and lower your ownership costs.

Save up to 83% on your next used Cisco router

Buying a used Cisco router helps make your money invested towards technology work harder. Certified used Cisco routers can be deployed in offices, training labs or classrooms. Used Cisco routers can also be used as spare parts or even as non-production assets for disaster recovery. You will save up to 83% off the list price of equivalent new equipment. And, you have access to a wide range of finance options to further stretch your budget.

More Than Just a Used Cisco Router or Switch

You aren’t just buying any used Cisco router or switch; you’re buying a certified used Cisco product – the real McCoy. All used Cisco routers and switches are backed by Network I.T.’s warranty. When you purchase genuine used Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment, you can be confident that the products are:

  • Certified – Netcon Solutions has a solid reputation is dealing with Cisco products for years
  • 100% inspected and tested
  • Fully licensed for immediate use and shipped
  • Attractively priced without hidden costs – up to 83% savings
  • Genuine Cisco without compromise to performance, qualify, support or value
  • Certified to meet all regulatory and safety compliance requirements such as FCC and UL

Network I.T. can give you a good value for your product. We specialize in:

a.            Used Cisco POE Switches

b.            Used Cisco Gigabit Switches

Network I.T. buys and sells used Cisco routers and switches. WE ship all over Toronto, the GTA and throughout Canada.

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