Used Cisco IP Wireless Phones

Have you recently upgraded your phone system? Turn your used, excess or end-of-life Cisco phones into cash. Network I.T. buys used Cisco IP Wireless phones. If you have Cisco IP Wireless phones you are interested in selling, please contact us and a Network I.T. representative will contact you with a purchase offer. Network I.T. buys and sells all models of used Cisco Wireless IP Phones.

About Cisco Wireless I.P. Phones

With Cisco Wireless IP Phones, you can enhance the user experience and personal freedom with Bluetooth support. Increase business continuity by taking advantage of a new ruggedized industrial design.

Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phones Overview

Most newer models of Cisco wireless IP phones features support for Bluetooth v2.0 headset profiles gives you more freedom. Many used Cisco wireless IP phones has a hermetically sealed phone/display is IP54 rated, protects against dust, liquids, and moist wipes, and is ideal for deployment in more demanding environments. Cisco wireless IP Phones features a ruggedized industrial design is compliant by high standards, and gives you an IP phone that is easier to hold.

With the wireless N standard it’s hard to see why one wouldn’t want to make a IP conference phone or a video IP phone. With affordable prices at Network I.T.  for used Cisco IP wireless phones, anyone can enjoy this technology.

About Network I.T.

In addition to Netcon Solutions buying used Cisco IP phones, it also offers the following used Cisco wireless IP phones for your business:

a.            Used Cisco CP-7961G

b.            Used Cisco CP-7942G

c.             Used Cisco CP-7962G

Netcon Solutions is located in Toronto, Ontario and ships throughout Canada and the US. Contact Netcon Solutions today to get a free quote on Used Cisco IP and Wireless Phones today.

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