Used Cisco Equipment with Flexible Support

Network I.T. carries the full range of new and used Cisco products, e.g. used routers, switches, and memory. Netcon Solutions’s used Cisco equipment provides the highest levels of speed and availability. Network I.T.’s inventory includes the best in used networking equipment, spanning many of Cisco’s  Routers switches. For optimal user-level networking access, extending the life of network infrastructure or expansion of a campus area network, our selection of new and used Cisco equipment caters to your business or organization’s specialized needs.

Expert Support on Used Cisco Equipment

You now have the choice to cover all of your used Cisco equipment with Network I.T.’s maintenance program, a complete and customizable network maintenance solution and an affordable alternative to traditional OEM maintenance. Network I.T. offers a complete network maintenance solution to maximize network performance, extend equipment life, and reduce cost without increasing risk.

As a legitimate reseller, Network I.T. can give you a good value for your product. Network I.T. specializes in:

a.            CCIE Equipment

b.            CCNA Equipment

c.             CCNP Equipment

Network I.T. buys and sells used Cisco equipment in Toronto, the GTA and throughout Canada.

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