Used Cisco CP-7942G Phones Are Great for Office Use

When purchasing a phone for your office, consider purchasing a used phone that is specially made for office use. You will save money on your initial investment, and you will have a phone that can last decades. In addition, office phones are more secure, and protect you and your business when using them. This is a feature that is sadly not available on many consumer smartphones.

Why Buy a Used Cisco Phone System for your Business?

Used phones are awesome, especially if you need to buy a lot of them. Offices around the world often need at least 10 phones or more when setting up for the first time. In addition, phones need to be repaired and replaced over time.

You need phones which are affordable, cheap and easy to maintain and repair, as well as replace. Few commercial phones can do this. You need phones that were specially-made for office use.

Cisco phones are great investments for the office. These phones will last for decades if cared for properly, and are the industry-standard for excellence. Cisco itself is a household name in information technology. The hardware it produces is top-notch.

Why the Used Cisco CP-7942G is Ideal for Office Work

From the receptionist all the way to the CEO, everyone has a use for a functional office phone. Calls need to be made, schedules need to be set, and customer service needs to be fulfilled. All these services and more can be done with an office phone.

The CP-7942G comes with many great features. Here are a few that you will find yourself using daily if you purchase this phone.

● Multiple VoIP protocol support (SIP and SCCP)
● Full speakerphone (duplex) – comes with wideband support
● Large LCD screen
● Quick access to information like stocks and the weather
● Ethernet switch ports
● Security features like cryptographically secure provisioning

Cisco phones are the best in the information technology industry, and the CP-7942G is no exception. This is a phone made for the office, and the office is where it shines.

Why Phones like the Used Cisco CP-7942G Are Better Than Consumer Phones

Consumer phones are great for consumer things; things like checking email, going on social networks, paying for items on shopping sprees with banking apps, and more. While a consumer phone, especially a smartphone, could be used well in a small business, the issue is security. Consumer phones simply are not as secure as office phones like the CP-7942G because you can access more with a consumer smartphone.

The more things you can access, and do, with a smartphone, the less secure you are. Smartphone banking apps are a good idea for a consumer, but not for a business. No one really needs internet access from their phone. It is an added perk. With a professional IT department, your internet experience will be much more secure and safe from an office’s wifi network than through a smartphone’s data plan or wifi access.

These are just some of the reasons. In the end, it all comes down to security.

Used Cisco IP & Wireless Phones | Netcon Solutions

Used Cisco IP and Wireless phones are not appreciated enough. They have no equal when it comes to office hardware. Purchasing a used Cisco CP-7961G, used Cisco CP-7942G, or used Cisco CP-7962G will help your employees perform their work efficiently, and will help protect your business that you do over the phone. For more information on the benefits of using a dedicated Cisco office phone, contact Netcon Solutions in Toronto and the GTA. You can also contact us online at our website for greater convenience.

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