Top Five Questions Users Have About Cisco SMARTnet

You have probably heard a lot of good things about Cisco SMARTnet but you do not know much about it. After all, the IT industry can seem incredibly dense and confusing to those who know very little about it. Luckily for you, we have compiled five common questions and answers about Cisco SMARTnet providing you with everything you need to know if you are considering purchasing Cisco SMARTnet for your company.

Is CiscoSMART Hardware or Software?

It is best to think of Cisco SMARTnet like the Internet for your IT department. On the one hand, it consists of both physical hardware, which needs to be installed and supervised by an IT technician at regular intervals and be maintained. On the other hand, you can purchase Cisco SMARTnet as a “Software Only” option if you would like so, like the Internet, it may appear as just a software program to you. Cisco SMARTnet is really a combination of hardware and software that you specify when you order, based on the needs of your business.

How Do I Know If I Need Cisco SMARTnet for My Business?

You may not classify your business as an “online” company, but you still might need Cisco SMARTnet. It is not just for businesses in the computer industry. Any business, no matter the size or industry, which relies on the Internet and IT equipment to run efficiently and safely, should consider purchasing a Cisco SMARTnet contract.

Even if no issues emerge during your time under contract, it is better to know that your hardware is covered in the event it needs replacing, or that software patches and updates are being provided to you to prevent your business from being harmed. If you rely on information technology and the Internet to do business, you should look into coverage like Cisco SMARTnet.

How Will I Maintain My Cisco SMARTnet Service?

If you do not have much, or any, IT experience, that is ok. Not many people do. Instead, you can hire an IT technician to ensure your equipment is running as efficiently as possible at all times, or you can purchase a Cisco SMARTnet Total Care Service Package. This package varies depending on the level of support your small business needs, as well as your IT budget.

With a service package, you receive round-the-clock access to the Cisco Technical Assistance Center if your devices are covered, hardware replacement, software upgrades and updates, access Cisco online services at any time including a web community for self-service, and Smart Call Home, which will provide you with device diagnostics and alerts on enabled devices.

In addition, if you do not feel you or your co-workers are qualified to handle and install your Cisco SMARTnet equipment, you may be interested in Cisco SMARTnet Onsite. An Onsite Maintenance Engineer will help you replace and install your equipment within an agreed upon time period.

I Have an IT Issue. How do I Access Cisco SMARTnet Support?

When you first signed up for Cisco SMARTnet and your services was activated, you received an email from the Cisco Service Contract Center. You will need to retrieve that email. In it, you will find your Cisco SMARTnet Contract Number, informational links, and information regarding the process of opening a service case with Cisco’s Technical Center (CTC). All you have to do after that is follow the instructions as they pertain to you, and contact the CTC.

How to Renew my Cisco SMARTnet Service

It is very easy to renew your service with Cisco SMARTnet. All you have to do is contact the CTC and make sure you extend your service until a future contract date. When doing this, it is advisable to order partial year renewals and extensions on other Cisco SMARTnet equipment if you can so all your service renewal dates are aligned. It will be so much easier to renew your contracts on one date so you do not have to worry about when each Cisco product expires.

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