Top Eight Reasons to Purchase Used Cisco Equipment

Many new business owners are unsure of which networking hardware they should buy and from what company. With big decisions like this, it is better to go with the tried-and-true industry standard: Cisco Systems. With authorized venders and resellers like Netcon Solutions, not only can you buy quality equipment at a great price, you can rest easy knowing you have purchased dependable quality equipment. Here are eight reasons explaining why:

Cisco Is Industry Standard

There’s a reason Cisco Systems is an industry-leader in computer networking equipment. Since its founding in 1984, Cisco has devoted itself to quality and has exceeded its competition. When you buy used Cisco equipment for your company, you will know you are buying the most leading quality equipment on the market today.

Used Cisco Equipment Does Not Fail

Cisco has earned its reputation for being a leading company in selling networking equipment. This reputation is no more apparent than in its products. Due to the longevity and ability of used Cisco equipment, it is almost cliché but Cisco products do not fail.

Top Quality at an Affordable Price

While Cisco is known for its top quality equipment, especially for CCIE, CCNA, and CCNP equipment, when you can rest assured because used Cisco equipment costs only a fraction of the price of new units. This leads to increased savings for you and your business due to the incredible quality gained at the incredible savings made.

Limited Learning Curve

One of the biggest benefits to buying used Cisco equipment is network familiarity. Your IT department will be delighted to hear they do not have to quickly master new networking equipment. They will also be more familiar with older equipment models, which means they can hit the ground running and provide effective service to you and your company.

Cisco Offers Great Customer Service

Cisco and authorized Cisco resellers provide excellent customer service due to their dedication to the success of Cisco Systems. They do this by knowing and understanding their customers and working with them to either create or improve upon customer satisfaction.

Used Cisco Equipment Is as Good as New

Due to the high quality standards employed at Cisco Systems, even their used equipment runs like new. Prior to resale, all Cisco Systems equipment in authorized Cisco stores is thoroughly tested to ensure quality. A happy customer is a return customer, and this maxim is the backbone of Cisco’s service. Do not worry that buying used equipment seems like a risky option. With Cisco, it is not.

Cheaper Doesn’t Mean Better

Many new business owners, not understanding the value of quality networking hardware, go to their nearest electronics store and buy generic, no-name, cheap networking equipment. Then, when these components inevitably break down, the business finds itself in a state of crisis as it can no longer operate smoothly online.

Blame for these technological failures may even be bounced around the office, creating a toxic workplace for everyone there. With Cisco’s brand and dedication to quality, just because used equipment is cheaper does not mean it will break. However, one thing we do not recommend is buying from a non-industry leader. There’s a reason they are not.

Cisco Certified Equipment Is Covered Under Full Warranty

Regardless of the fact you are buying used Cisco equipment, all equipment sold through certified dealers and resellers comes with a full Cisco warranty. This is the same warranty that covers all new equipment so not only will your used Cisco equipment run like new, you will be able to use it for the same amount of time before needing to replace or upgrade it.

Netcon Solutions is an authorized reseller of used Cisco equipment, specializing in networks and servers. We serve clients in Toronto and the GTA, and can be visited in-store at 210 Don Park Road Unit 1, Markham, Ontario L3R 2V2. If you are not able to visit us in person, you can shop with us online at our website, or by telephone at 1(866) 429-5055.

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