The Used Market for Corporate Electronics: How Much Can You Make Selling That Dell Used Server?

The money you spend on server components isn’t gone forever. By selling Dell used servers after your company doesn’t need them anymore, you can get a portion of the cost back and help boost the budget.

It’s thus beneficial to see buying new servers and equipment as investments, as reselling on the market later instead of throwing them out is a viable business tactic. Enterprise-grade hardware is often over-engineered to last long after all.

Plus, companies can take advantage of the refurbished/used market to get quality, fully-functional components at low prices that can’t be found anywhere else. Whether you need an upgrade or just want to replace an aging component, never underestimate the used market.

What Factors Determine Server Value?

But how can you tell whether it’s worth selling that Dell used server? Different types of components have different degrees of demand.

Factors that determine value of a used server or another piece of enterprise equipment include:

• Product make and model
• Age
• Service status
• Overall condition
• Brand recognition

For this last point, try to buy from well-known brands, which sell better second-hand than products from obscure manufacturers. Dell, HP, and IBM are well-known brands that tend to sell well even on the refurbished market.

How Can Servers Be Sold?

There are several ways to get your money back selling Dell used servers.

• The product can be recycled. Generally, items older than 6 years offer the most return when recycled.
• The product can be broken down into components, each of which is sold. This option is ideal when the server’s functionality is compromised, but some of its parts are still working.
• The product is sold as a whole unit. This option usually results in the highest return, but used servers aren’t always salvageable on the market.

Finally, if you really can’t find an accurate price, search the eBay listings and find your product or other products like yours. Check the prices to determine a competitive rate.
There is a huge market for Dell used servers. Newer companies are always looking for ways to cut down their costs. Used networking equipment is an easy way for these businesses to save thousands.

Netcon Solutions | Buy & Sell Dell Used Servers | Toronto & the GTA

Alternatively, you can sell to a reputable reseller, such as Netcon Solutions. We buy and sell pre-owned networking equipment such as switches, servers, and routers from all the top brands like IBM, Dell, HP, and Cisco.

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• Just because it’s old, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any value. Sell a Dell used server instead of throwing it out, and you might find a considerable boost to your budget.
• The server’s age, model, condition, and brand all affect its value on the second-hand market. Do some quick research before putting up your listing.
• Whether you’re selling whole units or individual components, Netcon Solutions is the best reseller for getting an excellent price.

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