The Benefits of Using Used Cisco POE Switches

What is Power over Ethernet (POE)? At the most basic level, POE systems like used Cisco POE switches allow a device to receive its network connection and electricity through one cable. Typical network cables provide access to the Internet, but do not deliver electricity. Using a POE cable, a device can receive a network connection and electricity at the same time. Netcon Solutions offers a large supply of used Cisco routers and switches, used Cisco POE switches, and used Cisco gigabit switches to all of its customers.

The Advantages of Used Cisco POE Switches

When you purchase used Cisco POE switches, you are purchasing a network that is cost-effective. Used Cisco POE switches are cost-effective because they reduce the number of cables your network will require by half. Instead of running an electrical and network cable for each device, you can accomplish the same task with only one.

Another advantage of using used Cisco POE switches is the flexibility they afford you. By using this type of system, you can place your networking equipment wherever you need. You aren’t tethered to an outlet and you can place your devices where they make sense.

In addition, used Cisco POE switches are easily installed and extremely safe. Your networks will always receive the right amount of power and there is no fear of under-powering or overload. The POE design is set to ensure that the right amount of power is delivered to networking devices. If you need to grow the scale of your network, it is quite easy to do so if you are employing POE technology. Simply install new devices.

There is no reason not to upgrade your network. A simple POE network will start with a network access point. A network cable will run from the access point to a POE switch. From the switch, you run your cables to various devices within your network. Saving money on the budget is that easy and you shouldn’t waste your time, upgrade today.

Common POE Devices

Interested in using POE for your network? The most common POE devices are VoIP phones, IP cameras, and network devices like used Cisco POE switches and routers. If you are looking to install a POE system, it is as simple as installing a POE switch. The switch will detect whether or not your network is compatible. In some situations, your network may not be compatible. Do not fret, this can be solved by using a POE injector. This device will act as a middle point and enable POE compatibility by feeding your other devices to this central access point. If you are looking to convert your IP cameras, simply install a POE splitter by patching it into the camera’s network connection. The splitter will convert the power into a lower voltage that is safer for your other cameras.

POE switches are a great way to take advantage of a cost-effective technology. Netcon Solutions sells various types of networking equipment to clients in Toronto, the GTA, and all of Ontario. We offer used Cisco routers, used Cisco switches, Used Cisco POE switches, used Cisco gigabit switches, and much more. If you have any networking questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to help you out.







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