The Benefits of Installing Used Cisco POE Switches

Many companies are on the cloud nowadays. You write your documents in Google Docs, download them to your drive, email them to coworkers, and then print them over wifi to your office printer. However, by utilizing hardware, you can retain greater control over your network and over your data. POE switches can increase your network’s productivity, as well as your ability to protect your network’s data.

Here are two main reasons why switching to POE (power over ethernet) may be right for you. Each of these reasons have sub-reasons. All in all, switching to POE can be incredibly beneficial. If you have not used POE switches, you should. The installation of such switches can really help your business, as well as lower your business expenses.

Save Money with Used Cisco POE Switches | Toronto and GTA

There are three ways that you can save money by making the “switch” to used POE switches.

First, used switches cost less money and they are very similar in function and output as new switches. If a previous owner takes good care of his or her hardware, it is plausible that their switches can last a very long time. By buying used, you are saving a lot of money, rather than having to buy new switches at a premium price. Especially when it comes to buying used Cisco products, buying used is just as rewarding as buying new equipment.

Second, POE switches are less expensive than Gigabit switches. Sure, your rate of data transfer is slower and the process of transferring data will take longer but, if your business is not transferring much data, it does not really matter much. Of course, if your business was a hot new tech startup, that would be a different matter.

Third, POE switches are less costly to replace. They are simpler to install, provide great value for their cost, and less expensive than other forms of switches. This means that you can buy multiple switches without leaving a dent in your expenses budget. Having extra switches in storage at the office can be a lifesaver years down the road when you need to replace a piece of equipment.

You Gain Better Centralization of Power with Used Cisco POE Switches

POE switches are used to extend power from a centralized source to peripheral devices on a business network. For example, a simple example of this is where you connect a POE switch to a power bar, and then attach a security camera to that POE switch. The POE switch acts as a middleman between the device and the power source, rather than directly connecting the device to the power source.

There are two main benefits for this network setup strategy.

First, it is easier to connect and disconnect specific devices from a network. You have a greater amount of control over your network, as well as the power generation, output, and direction of that network.

Second, the scalability of your network is increased. Depending on the ports present on your switches, you can add new devices to your network. Each port can support one new device. This allows you to connect an exponential amount of devices to your network, rather than be limited by the ports on your power source.

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