Reasons To Consider Buying Used Cisco IT Equipment

Entrepreneurs just setting up their offices are usually looking for equipment that centralizes their employees’ day-to-day activities. In terms of I.T. (Information Technology), one can do so purchasing either new or used Cisco equipment.

Why Purchase Used Cisco Equipment

If you’re looking for a system that has all the bells and whistles, then you may need to purchase new Cisco equipment. However, if you’re simply looking for something in the middle, not “top of the line” but not “bottom of the barrel” either, then you can save a lot of money with used Cisco I.T. equipment.

While there are many advantages to purchasing brand new Cisco equipment, you will spend a lot of money to do so. In order for a new business to recover from initial economic losses, the best advice is to spend as little as possible when starting out. This is where used Cisco equipment comes in.

Some of the equipment Network I.T. offers are:

a.            CCIE Equipment

b.            CCNA Equipment

c.            CCCNP Equipment

Misconceptions About Used Cisco I.T. Equipment

Many people are turned off by purchasing a “used” or a ” “certified pre-owned” item. While it may not be a good idea to go with “previously owned” for certain items, it does have its advantages with used Cisco I.T. equipment. Computer devices, hardware, and other equipment can still be utilized to full capacity even if they are not taken straight out of the original packaging. With used Cisco equipment, you are assured of the high quality brand it represents. Its condition hardly affects the inherent quality that the device has.

When you buy used Cisco equipment, you know that they may not be the “latest” or the “newest” in the market, but they are still top quality, as before they are disposed of for reselling purposes, they are aggressively tested and checked to see if they are “as good as new.” Once each piece passes those tests, they are then repacked and resold in certain secondary markets. You can be assured of the same quality any Cisco device in the market has, new and used, as they are usually resold with a limited warranty, in the remote event that your piece of used Cisco equipment does not live up to the expected standards.

Network I.T. is a certified reseller of used Cisco equipment in Toronto, the GTA, and throughout Canada.

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