Pick up a Used Cisco Wireless I.P. Phone. A Phone That’s as Smart as a Computer But as Easy to Use as, Well, a Phone

Network I.T.’s Used Cisco Unified IP Wireless Phones make your employees more productive by opening up new capabilities that give employees’ voice and data communications wherever they go.

Our Used Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phones support

Voice and data

Integrated communications, directly on the phone, let employees leave voicemail that co-workers can access via their computers. This applies even when these co-workers are on the phone.

New applications

One can now run new productivity-enhancing applications right on one’s phone, including time-and-attendance, billing, and other telephony-based tools.

Traditional phone features

Employees can still take advantage of access to features like multiple lines, call-forwarding, call roll-over, and audio conferencing. These phones don’t compromise any older, traditional features. They just enhance and add to them.

Network Compatibility

When properly configured, your Cisco network can automatically recognize these used Cisco wireless IP phones when they’re plugged into your network, eliminating the cost and complexity of adding or moving phones.

These phones retain the communications capabilities your employees use every day—and add new ones that helps increase their ability to collaborate. Thanks to network integration, the phones are easy to install, manage, and update.

Netcon Solutions (Netnit) offers the following used Cisco wireless IP phones for your business:

a.            Used Cisco CP-7961G

b.            Used Cisco CP-7942G

c.             Used Cisco CP-7962G

Netcon Solutions is located in Toronto, Ontario and ships throughout Canada and the US. Contact Netcon Solutions today to get a free quote on Used Cisco IP and Wireless Phones today.

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