One Important Qualification When Choosing a Used Cisco CP-7961G Phone: The Weather

Many people buy phones for their business based on functions like the phone’s button layout, cosmetic features, and use of integrated technologies like Internet connectivity. However, there is one important feature that more business owners and operators should consider when purchasing a phone: how well the phone can withstand a range of temperatures and continue functioning.

The weather is not a qualification that many people consider. We expect our phones to work under any condition, after all. We would probably expect our phones to work in the void of outer space! However, phones are built differently, and the phone you purchase can have an effect on your operating budget, especially if you have to keep replacing it because it cannot withstand a little cold or a little heat.

Here is what you need to know regarding business phones and the weather.

How Weather Affects Phones, Even the Used Cisco CP-7961G

After a while, every electronic breaks down when left out in the cold. The difference between phones depends on how well-built they are. Different types of phones have different breaking points. Like most devices, consumer lines of phones tend to break easier than business product lines. This is due to the inherent understanding of what these phones are best used for.

Consumer phones are meant to last a year at best. While some phones can and do often last longer, it is common for people to change their phones after a year. A user may be able to upgrade their phone with their phone company. A user may have scratched the screen, and may want a new phone to replace it. A new phone may simply have better features that a user wants.

Business phones are built to last much, much longer, and they can sometimes last decades. While business phones can do some very complex things, the functions of a business phone have not really changed in the past decade. Anything that a business phone cannot do, a laptop or even a smartphone can. For most business owners and operators, there is no need to replace a perfectly good functional phone like Cisco’s CP-7961G.

The Impressive Qualities of a Used CP-7961G Phone

Cisco phones are built to last. Cisco is an industry leader when it comes to IT hardware, and its phone lines are no exception. Phones like a CP-7961G can operate at temperatures ranging from 0 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius.

40 degrees Celsius is so hot that airport tarmacs can start melting at that heat. 0 degrees Celsius is the freezing point of water, which is very cold. It is amazing to think that your Cisco phone will continue to be able to operate under such conditions.

Your phone can withstand an even higher rate of temperature divergence if left in storage. When in storage, your Cisco phone can be kept in conditions from -10 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius. All you have to do is remove it from storage, plug it in, and voila! Your phone still works.

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