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Many people do not think that network security can ever be guaranteed. You can take preventative steps to ensure that your network is not compromised. These steps are simple and easy to do but many small business owners do not wish to follow them, putting themselves at risk of being targeted by hackers.

You may not think that your data is valuable but it is. Everything from your passwords, to your client lists, to your intellectual property can be valuable to the right people. You need to ensure that information does not end up with the wrong people. It can be easier than you think. Even the strongest passwords you think you have may not stand up to the time and effort of a hack attack.

You should protect your network security and ensure it is always up-to-date or else you will be targeted, and possibly hacked. You should not take any chances when it comes to your business, and the data you both host and protect for your clients. If your clients do not think your business is secure, they may find a competitor and start doing business with them instead of you. In addition, if hackers steal your data, and it was found that you could have prevented this hack, it will make you look unprofessional. You should not take that chance.

Hackers target known vulnerabilities. The movies always get it wrong. Few hackers decide to write a new hacking program in a fortnight with Matthew Broderick or Angelina Jolie, set to techno music, because we are not living in the 1980s anymore. It simply is not practical. Instead, hackers will look for known vulnerabilities.

Your network security is like a wall. If someone wants to get over a wall, they either look for a door, or they look for holes and crevices within the wall with which they can slip through. Similar procedures can be found for hackers. For instance, one of the ways hackers access your networks is by running dictionary attacks, which can be prevented with strong passwords using numbers, symbols, and letters, and avoiding using actual words in your passwords like “eagle,” “america,” or “icecream.”

A good password will look like this: “Rno12n-oin_sad@$^FDSA.” Write it down on a pad of paper you keep in a secret location and retrieve it anytime you need help remembering your password. The best-kept secrets are those no one knows about, or are able to know.

Another way they can gain access to your network is to use social engineering and get you to download an executable file. These types of files end with “.exe” or “.dmg” because when you open them, a program runs automatically. You can avoid this by not accepting online programs from sources you do not know or trust. By using a reputable source of network security like Cisco Network Consulting and Support Services, you can ensure that you receive the best consulting and support services to keep your networks safe and running efficiently.

Netcon Solutions in Toronto and the GTA offers Cisco Network Consulting and Support Services to its clients. Whether you need routing and switching LAN/WAN, wireless capabilities, network security, or IP Telephony and VoIP, you should consider choosing Cisco. It is the gold standard of the information technology industry and is well known for its reliable quality products. For more information about network security and the services Cisco offers, please visit us at our website today.

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