Is Cisco SMARTnet Necessary?

Cisco is a company that is renowned for their exceptional customer service. The main service that they offer for their products is Cisco SMARTnet. This service is a total care package that provides access to customer service, troubleshooting, IOS upgrades, and a plethora of other resources. However, it isn’t always affordable, and Cisco SMARTnet doesn’t always come with older Cisco products. Netcon Solutions offers a valuable replacement to Cisco SMARTnet. All of our used equipment comes with a reliable one year warranty and our own troubleshooting platform.

Is Used Equipment Worth It?

Absolutely. Buying used networking equipment can save your business a lot of money. In addition, Cisco SMARTnet contracts are expensive and can put a severe dent in your budget. If your goal is to run a reliable network that doesn’t cut into the overall revenues of your business, skipping on a Cisco SMARTnet contract for a cheaper alternative, like a reseller’s troubleshooting service, can help improve your bottom line. We care about our clients and we work hard to help them troubleshoot through any problems that they have with our equipment.

In the end, if you purchase used Cisco equipment, you can still purchase a Cisco SMARTnet contract by directly contacting Cisco. They may not advertise it upfront, but they are generally more than willing to offer Cisco SMARTnet contracts for used equipment purchased from third-party sellers.

Netcon Solutions is located in Markham, Ontario. We offer our equipment to businesses in Toronto, the GTA, all of Canada, and the entire world. If you have any questions about our used networking equipment, Cisco SMARTnet, our warranty program and troubleshooting program, or our current inventory, please feel free to call us today or visit our website. We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. We strive to provide networking solutions to businesses located all over the world.

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