IP Telephony vs. VOIP

With the rise in popularity of internet services, IP telephony and VoIP have become an increasingly popular option for businesses that are looking to cut their traditional phone lines. IP telephony and VoIP services offer increased network security, wireless options, and much more. Netcon Solutions specializes in IP telephony and VoIP services and we recommend that businesses modernize their networks and invest in this technology.

The Main Differences Between IP Telephony vs VoIP

The easiest way to describe the difference between IP telephony and VoIP is to look at IP telephony as the concept and VoIP as the method to carry out the concept.

Essentially, IP telephony is a form of digital communications that is carried out over the Internet using a series of IP standards. Your old phone was hardwired and part of telecom company network. Remember those old phone jacks and the boxes attached to the walls? Those are the old phone lines we are referencing. As businesses continue to evolve, they are looking for new ways to secure their network and to maintain a greater control over it. IP telephony allows a company to create their own digital phone network, maintain network security over it, and control who has access to it at all times.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the system that carries out the concept of IP telephony. An easy example of VoIP in practice is the popular communications program Skype or TeamSpeak and Ventrilo. These services allow individuals to communicate over an Internet network without incurring massive long distance fees. The Internet doesn’t discriminate based on location like traditional telecom companies do. VoIP services have evolved out of the overall friendliness of IP telephony.

Why Choose VoIP?

Any company that is looking to have control over their own network should consider investing in IP telephony and VoIP. These technologies are free and allow you to design your phone network in a way that works for your company. If you want to employ a traditional company hotline like most businesses do, you can easily accomplish this using VoIP, you can create new phone numbers at will for your network, and you maintain a greater sense of control, thereby increasing your overall network security.

By employing IP telephony and VoIP technology, a company can reduce their overall phone bill by up to 90 percent. International calls become easy and cheap to do. The days of racking up $1 per minute are over and that is thanks to the developments of VoIP. Most major companies rely on VoIP and many more are starting to change their systems to integrate this rapidly developing technology.

However, IP telephony and VoIP comes with its own weaknesses. If your Internet connection drops, your phone network will go with it. This is the major weakness of VoIP technology. Usually when a network drops, both the phone and Internet will drop at the same time. Thus, it may be a weakness, but it is something that is a typical occurrence in the world of networking.

If you are interested in learning more about IP telephony and VoIP, you are more than welcome to contact us here at Netcon Solutions. We would be more than happy to help you out. Our business offers in depth coverage of Cisco network and consulting and support services, routing and switching WAN/LAN, wireless services, IP telephony and VoIP, and network security. We offer our products and services to clients in Toronto, the GTA, and all of Ontario. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our company, products, services, or if you need help with any of these subjects.

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