Increase Your Competitive Advantage With Used Cisco IP Wireless Phones

It doesn’t matter what size a business is. All businesses require reliable phone networks. Here at Netcon Solutions, we believe in used Cisco IP wireless phones and their ability to provide your business with a phone network that is always online and easy to troubleshoot. When shopping for wireless phones, we recommend phones like the used Cisco CP-7961G, used Cisco CP-7942G, and the used Cisco CP-7972G. These three phones are extremely reliable and will increase the competitive advantage of your business.

By using used Cisco IP wireless phones, you will create a phone network that is capable of paging, intercom, voicemail, automated messages, and strong presence technology. In addition, used Cisco IP wireless phones can be linked to popular applications like Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Office, Meeting Place Express, WebEx, and video applications.

Wireless phones are flexible and incredibly easy to use. Used Cisco IP wireless phones provide you with an IP-based phone system that consolidates your network and saves your business money. Wireless phones that use IP technology come with all the features of classic phones without any of the hidden costs. By using this type of technology, you provide your employees with the necessary communication channels to drive and maintain business, thereby increasing your overall return on investment.

Netcon Solutions provides businesses in Toronto, the GTA, and all of Ontario with used Cisco IP wireless phones. If you have any questions about wireless phones like the used Cisco CP-7961G, the used Cisco CP-7942G, or the used Cisco CP-7972G, please feel free to contact us today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. Upgrade to IP technology today and increase the competitive advantage of your company.

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