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Routing and switching LAN/WAN allows you and your office to improve your bottom line, increase office ability and participation, and more.

The Top 4 Benefits to Introducing Routing and Switching into the Workplace

Regardless of the common connections on an office network, you can ensure easier facilitation of these connections by adding routers and switches to the network. Your business can become more profitable, literally overnight in some cases, in doing so.

What Can Routing and Switching LAN/WAN Do For You?

Routing and switching allows you to more efficiently send packets of data across a network. Also, you only send data packets where they are needed. This means that you can send information along your business network quicker and more efficiently. Sending pictures, documents, movies, and more, along to your staff is all possible with routing and switching.

Business owners and operators are always looking for better, more efficient, ways to do business. Now, they can, with routing and switching LAN/WAN.

Increased Economic Efficiency

As a business owner, every dollar counts. You cannot make one decision without it impacting another. Every dollar spent on marketing means you have a dollar less on staff salaries, and every dollar spent on network infrastructure is a dollar less to spend on business software. The struggle is real, and is experienced everyday by millions of business owners across the nation.

You can improve your business’s bottom line, by investing in routing and switching. Doing so will improve efficiency, lower the costs your network infrastructure takes to setup and maintain, and will improve your business’s cybersecurity.  Each of these benefits alone can have a significant positive impact on your bottom line. Imagine what all three can do for you!

Equality Among Your Staff

Different employees need different things in order to be productive. However, they all need access, in some way or another, to your business network. Routing and switching LAN/WAN offers staff members this access, which allows them to be as productive as possible for you.

Regardless of whether you hire remotely, or you have staff members sharing a common office space with you, routing and switching will allow your employees to login and access business applications and do their work.

Routing and switching allows you and your staff to take full advantage of your business applications.

Share Office Resources Among the Network

One common example can illustrate the benefit of introducing routing and switching LAN/WAN into your business network infrastructure: the office printer. Having a common office printer for office staff, with some private exceptions for the senior leadership due to the important of such documents, allows the office staff to have an easier time printing and retrieving their documents, as well as using the printer overall.

If a staff member is connected, via routing and switching over LAN/WAN, to a common office printer, he or she will be able to quickly print out important documents and then get onto other important tasks. There is no questioning whether he or she has selected the correct printer, or the location of the printer, or even the state of use of the printer. It is a simple task, made simple, for increased efficiency in the office.

Cisco Network Consulting and Support Services, like routing and switching LAN/WAN, wireless, network security, IP telephony and VoIP, and more, can offer countless benefits to you and your small business. For more information about how they can influence your Toronto- or GTA-based business, please visit us at Netcon Solutions, either in-store or online at our website today.

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