Have a Home Network? Purchase Juniper Routers and Switches for Storage

Many small business owners work from home. One common configuration, when setting up your home network to power your servers and connect virtually with clients, is to use an EoP design, or Ethernet over Power design. This means that small devices can be powered via Ethernet cabling from your computer. Some devices you might power would be an IP camera or a VoIP telephone.

Many home business owners and operators choose simple networks like this because such systems are easy to acquire and configure, as well as being very affordable for small businesses.

The components needed to set up and run a simple EoP designed network include a router or switch (preferably Juniper routers and/or Juniper switches), Ethernet cabling, an initial power source, and your devices. These networks are preferable because the wiring complexity it practically nil, allowing even the most technologically-illiterate small business owner to be able to set up their own network after googling or YouTubing how to do so. It is that simple.

You have the option of choosing a router or switch, but you must choose at least one of these options in order to create a connected and working network. You can avoid using a switch if you still have Ethernet ports available to use on your computer. However, if you do not, you will need a router. There are many companies in the technology marketplace that sell routers and switches. However, you need to balance affordability with quality. In that case, only one company can qualify: Juniper.

Purchasing and using Juniper routers and Juniper switches is a wise investment for any physical or online business that operates out of your home.

Even if your network for your small business is all set up and working perfectly, you should consider purchasing extra Juniper routers and Juniper switches to store, just in case your routers or switches stop working. While Juniper is a quality company that is known for its great products, everything breaks down after a while. Even we only last an approximate limit of 100 years. Everything breaks down.

If your system goes down and you need Juniper routers or Juniper switch, you should not have to be inconvenienced by going to the nearest store that stocks them. Simply purchase some in advance and stock them in your home. Then, it is a quick 5-second trip to another room and you have exactly what you need to start your network up again to continue with generating revenue for your business.

Even if you prefer using Juniper routers over Juniper switches, and vice versa, it makes sense to at least stock some routers and switches, even if you do not think you will need to use them. Your network requirements may change, decrease, or even expand in the future. Having the parts you need at a moment’s notice is incredibly calming without having the added anxiety of needing to go out and get them.

In addition, once you get to the store, the store may not have any more Juniper routers or Juniper switches in stock. Make a safe bet, reduce the stress of running your business, and purchase some routers and switches in advance.

To purchase Juniper routers and Juniper switches for your small business’s network, even if you work from home, consider contacting or visiting Netcon Solutions today. We are located in Toronto and serve clients all across the GTA. For more information on Juniper products, or to purchase some of your very own, please visit us at our website today.

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