Get the Right Used Cisco Router Gear for Your Cisco Home Lab Part 2

This article is Part 2,  offering you more affordable Cisco router options.

Frame Relay

While frame relay as a technology is rather old, it’s still used in many environments and offers an easy to implement small-scale, WAN experience for those entering the field. To simulate frame relay in a Cisco lab, the easiest way (and typically cheapest) is to buy a used Cisco router; these devices offer multiple serial connections that can be used to connect to Frame Relay end devices (more modern routers).

Keep in mind that when using one of these devices as a frame relay switch, the physical cabling should be oriented so that the DCE side is on this device, NOT on the end device.

Another option which some people can take advantage of, is using modular serial cards that are available to fit in most of the general purpose routers discussed below; just plug in one or more of these cards and most routers will support frame relay switching (use the frame-relay switching command).


Finally there are console routers. This technically is not required because it is possible to physically move the console cable from device to device.

The problem is that not efficient and is cumbersome to set up. A console device can be used to plug into every device in the lab and a student can console into every device through a common Telnet or SSH session.

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