Four Reasons Why You Would Want Used Cisco Switches

There is plenty of good networking equipment out there…but not all of it is exceptional. Cisco switches by comparison are in a different league. Here are four very good reasons to use Cisco switches, even used, over brand new switches that have a different brand name:

1.            Security

A Cisco switch, new or used, can deliver maximum network uptime, resulting in a lesser chance of malicious infiltration and data leaking due to less downtime. It is well-known that used Cisco switches are top of the line when it comes to integrating firewalls, intrusion prevention and VLANs.

2.            Scalability

As technology progresses rapidly and your business needs change, the roles your IT hardware plays will change as well. Cisco’s switches, in particular, are so flexible that they can work for a network of any size and are upgradeable in a modular manner. This allows you to save time and money.

3.            Mobility

The workspace is fast evolving and now extends to more than just the cubicle. Users are working more from home, cafés and remote offices. Employees and visitors are now bringing their own devices (BYOD) such as smartphones, tables and laptops. Along with those devices comes the issue of bringing their own unsecure network (BYON) in and out of the office. Cisco has what is called “converged wired-wireless access” incorporated into their last few switch models. This technology allows for features like secure access, guest access and seamless roaming for users accessing the network via mobile device.

4.            Efficiency

A stackable Cisco switch will outperform many similar units in its class. The units themselves are highly energy efficient and are cost effective to deploy and maintain.

Network I.T.’s Specialization

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