For the Best Security, Purchase Used Cisco POE Switches

Using Power over Ethernet (POE) switches allow information technology managers to wield greater control over their networks. By reducing the need to power devices in remote locations where AC power might not be present, there is less need for an electrician to install a conduit, wiring, or outlets. All you need is one cable.

By closing the system and reducing outside access to it, used Cisco POE switches are able to be turned on, off, and put to sleep, whenever your information technology department wishes. There is no need to control the system by hand. All devices are now powered remotely.

Here are three reasons why and how purchasing used Cisco POE switches will increase your commercial network security.

When You Buy Cisco, You Buy Quality and Experience

Cisco is a brand name in the information technology field for a reason. It has garnered decades of trust and experience as the industry leader in information technology equipment. As the gold standard, Cisco is simply the best.

However, many business owners cannot afford new Cisco equipment. Luckily, they can purchase used equipment, like used Cisco POE switches, which are just as reliable as their new counterparts, at a fraction of the cost. In addition, when you purchase a used unit, you still get a warranty, as well as customer support from Cisco! This is the best deal most small business owners have not heard of.

Switching to POE Provides Flexibility

Used Cisco POE switches can be placed anywhere because they do not need to be connected to the electrical system, and they are not dependent on AC outlets. This is greatly beneficial to small and medium sized businesses that may not have an ideal office space rife with outlets. You can now setup a POE-enabled network for IP cameras, wireless access points, or VoIP phones anywhere you like.

You can place connected equipment on walls, ceilings, and even the floor if need be. This is a huge benefit, which makes using POE switches worthwhile, as opposed to an older non-POE-enabled network where you were at the mercy of AC outlet locations. If you are connecting a series of IP cameras, for instance, you can now place them throughout the store or office with ease, capturing the best angles and securing your business.

Used Cisco POE Switches Are Reliable

It has been established for decades that Cisco products are the best and most reliable items are the market. When you buy used Cisco POE switches, you are purchasing reliable units to set-up a POE-enabled network at a fraction of the cost, without any loss in quality or reliability.

POE-enabled networks are not hindered by system and network upgrades, modifications, or delays. Only one cable, a CAT-5 Ethernet cable, is required, which will ease your IT staff’s job considerably when setting up and maintaining your network.

However, the best indicator of reliability when using a POE-enabled network with used Cisco POE switches comes in the form of network control. Since all devices are controlled remotely, you can power on or off your network at whim when you are notified of unauthorized access.

In a time when information security is quickly becoming the next frontier in cybersecurity and warfare, you must be able to protect your data at all times. Bypassing the need to physically control your network is a great benefit to installing and using a POE-enabled network.

Netcon Solutions is an industry leader in selling new and used Cisco routers and switches, including used Cisco POE switches. If you want to make the switch (pun intended) to a POE-enabled network, contact Netcon Solutions at our website today. We are located in Toronto, and sell products and equipment to clients across the GTA.

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