Cisco IP Phone Certificates and Secure Communications

Securing Cisco Wireless IP phone communications is important, as it helps organizations protect trade secrets and facilitates business and compliance requirements. Cisco Wireless IP phones offer secure communication for both data and control channels. The security that is already incorporated into Cisco IP Wireless phones includes the encryption and authentication of signaling communications between the Cisco IP phones and the Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Moreover, Cisco Unified Communications Manager supports encryption, authentication, and anti-replay protection of the Voice-over-IP (VOIP) packets that are exchanged between Cisco IP phones.

VoIP is secured utilizing Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP), which exchanges keying material through signaling sessions. Signaling is secured via VPNs or TLS. Given the various ways to secure voice communication, certificates is important in the authentication of voice endpoints. Moreover, administrators should implement Locally Significant Certificates (LSC) on Cisco IP phones at any possible moment. USB security tokens, used for Certificate Trust List (CTL) installation on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager in secure mode, must also be securely stored. The key sizes and algorithms that are used in the above protocols also should be decently secured for today’s technology.

About Network I.T. and Cisco IP Wireless Phones

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