CCNA Equipment Will Set You Up For Success in Information Technology

Cisco is one of the industry leaders in information technology, if not the leader. As such, practically every workplace you apply to will either have Cisco equipment, or will require an IT worker with Cisco knowledge. Vendor-specific skills are valuable, and by using CCNA equipment, you can succeed in your workplace, and your career. Here are three steps you can follow to achieving success.

The First Step is Passing Your Exams

The first serious Cisco certification that will help you get employed at your prospective workplace is CCNA. Having a CCNA certification, regardless of the certification track you pursue, shows that you know what to do, and how to use CCNA equipment. Everyone can say that they are good at IT because they hooked up a printer to a computer one time. You can say it with confidence because you have obtained a CCNA certification.

Your CCNA exam may have performance-based questions on it. Even if it does not, purchasing and using CCNA equipment to prepare for your exams will help you immensely. Understanding how and why things work by doing them is much better than regurgitating information you read online or from a textbook. Learning kinetically, and not just aurally, will help you learn better, and faster.

The Second Step is Practice, Practice, Practice

No one becomes an expert in a day. There was once a time when someone was a better programmer than Mark Zuckerberg, and someone was a better mathematician than Bill Gates. It will take you time as well to learn everything you wish to know about information technology. However, you have already decided to speed up the process and become a better, more informed expert by using CCNA equipment while learning.

After you study for and pass the test, you can still learn new things everyday by using your CCNA equipment. Learning is a journey with a destination that may never come, always just out of reach. This is a good thing. Learning new things is interesting and fun. It never gets boring.

The Third Step is to Progress

After you have passed your CCNA certification exams, you can keep practicing your CCNA skills. After all, they will continue to be helpful to you in your career. However, you can also sell your CCNA equipment and start studying for other certifications from Cisco, like the CCNP or CCIE. The more certifications you have, the more knowledgeable you will be. You can always make a little extra money by selling used Cisco equipment, no matter which exam you just completed.

Buying used Cisco equipment is the best way to start preparing for future exams. Only when you have appropriate equipment for your certification, can you start to learn well. Depending on your abilities and learning pace, it may take weeks, or even months to progress from one Cisco certification to the next. However, with steady learning and practice, you will be able to do it as thousands of other information technologists have done before you.

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