Capitalize on Efficiency with Used Cisco IP and Wireless Phones

Every company wants to be efficient. Yet, most companies don’t think about where efficiency comes from. Yes, reliable staff is important, but even more important, is the need to have reliable equipment for your staff to use. If you are looking to build an affordable network, you should consider purchasing used Cisco IP wireless phones. Netcon Solutions carries a large stock of wireless phones like used Cisco CP-7961G models, the used Cisco CP-7942G models, and used Cisco CP-7972G models.

When shopping for used Cisco IP wireless phones, the three models mentioned above come highly recommended. The used Cisco CP-7942G is a great starter phone for any budding business. It features two lines and is a highly sophisticated model. However, it may lack features if you are a larger business that requires additional lines. In contrast, the used Cisco CP-7961G comes with six lines. For a large business, this is an essential feature if you deal with a large volume of calls. Being able to place customers on hold, attend to their needs, and ensure their satisfaction, will maintain happy customers. Customers have no patience for the dreaded busy sound. This will convince them that you do not have enough time for them and they may take their business elsewhere. Having additional lines, even if not needed, is worth the extra cost to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Even more important, used Cisco IP wireless phones are as reliable as newer models. Cisco is a company with a rich history and a reputation for making high quality products. Netcon Solutions has a wide variety of Cisco products because we believe in the company and we know that we can rely on their products to work. We offer companies throughout Toronto, the GTA, and all of Ontario the opportunity to purchase used Cisco CP-7961G phones, used Cisco CP-7942G phones, used Cisco CP-7972G phones, and much more. Contact us today if you have any questions.

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