Buy Used Cisco IP Wireless Phones and Save a Lot of Money in I.T. Costs

To get the best Wireless IP phones in the business, you will most likely choose Cisco over other brands. In the corporate world, these phones are common sights in cubicles, conference rooms, and information desks. There are few other brands than can offer robustness and quality that Cisco offers.

Should You Buy New Or Used Cisco IP Wireless Phones?

You may not have considered buying used refurbished phones, but you can actually save a significant amount of money by choosing used rather than new. You need not skimp on features either. With so many new products entering the market every year, finding the used IP phones that your company requires is very easy as people upgrade their systems. You may even wish to buy extra used phones in case you need spare parts in case you would like to rebuild any of your own damaged phones.

Deciding Between Phones in the CP-7961G, CP-7942G and CP-7962G Series

If you are having trouble deciding if you want the “latest and greatest” technology, or if you can accomplish just as much with a used IP phone, Cisco’s CP-7961G, CP-7942G and CP-7962G wireless IP phones will likely provide you with what you need. Each model has something different to offer, and even the older models have maintained their functionality. For technicians, buying older models is also an inexpensive way to obtain spare parts for new phones.

About Network I.T. and Cisco IP Wireless Phones

In addition to Netcon Solutions (Netnit) buying used Cisco IP phones, it also offers the following used Cisco wireless IP phones for your business:

                a.            Used Cisco CP-7961G

                b.            Used Cisco CP-7942G

                c.             Used Cisco CP-7962G

Netcon Solutions is located in Toronto, Ontario and ships throughout Canada and the US. Contact Netcon Solutions today to get a free quote on Used Cisco IP and Wireless Phones today.

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