Buy Juniper Routers and Juniper Switches for Your Home Office

Many entrepreneurs and small businesses that operate out of their home tend to use limited networks and devices when carrying out their business. However, you should strive to use business resources and technologies as much as possible, since you are running a business. Just because you have a home-based office does not mean that you should cut corners with your business network by only using minimal amounts of equipment. In fact, your network in your home office should be just as good as any business network operating in a dedicated office space.

If you do not have any routers and switches installed, especially routers and switches, you should consider doing so. Routers and switches are necessary when thinking about expanding your network, even if you are the sole employee in your business.

Here are three reasons why you should add routers and switches to your home business network, and the advantages you will reap by doing so.

Increase Your Network Size

As your business network grows, you will need more and more connections from your main computer to peripheral devices like security cameras, printers, fax machines, office phones, and so much more. The exact equipment you use in your business network is not as important as the eventual number that you will need. Expanding a business network, especially expanding one efficiently and securely, is more difficult if you do not use routers or switches.

The larger your network, the more devices you will have, and you will need, to connect to each other. Even if you are starting out small, you should invest in routers and switches now so that you know you have the necessary devices in storage for when you need them.

Add Employees to Your Network

As your business grows and expands, you will most likely need to hire employees to scale up your business. No one person can keep an entire company afloat for very long. There is just too much to do. As such, you will need to add your employees’ devices to your business network, especially if they are working alongside you in your home office.

Routers and switches like Juniper routers and Juniper switches make it easy to add other individuals and groups to your network, and to add their devices to your peripheral network devices. With routers and switches, your employees can easily access your servers, your printers, and more. Any device connected to the network can be connected to with your administrative permissions.

Take Advantage of Intranet Capabilities

Juniper routers and switches can setup an isolated intranet for you and your employees to perform business related tasks on. Intranets are advantageous if you want a private and more secure network to connect and communicate with employees, clients, and even customers. You can do so by setting up guest accounts and user controls.

You can request data, share data, receive data, post data, and more, all in a timely fashion since you are all on the same closed network. This is a great way to ensure that everyone is updated on the daily happenings of your business, and your future plans for your business as well.

Setting up a home-based network is not difficult, but you must make it a business network, just like your competitors. You may not have to rent out dedicated office space but that does not mean you should use less resources than the competition. For the best in routers and switches, purchase Juniper routers and Juniper switches from Netcon Solutions in Toronto and the GTA. You can learn more information by visiting us in-store, or online at our website, today.

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