Be Safe, Not Sorry, With Cisco SMARTnet

Many business owners and operators are short on liquid cash. They may be “rich” but access to cash is another issue altogether. As such, they need to manage their expenses carefully so they do not jeopardize their business’s health. Preventing future costs is essential to keeping your expenses in check. When purchasing a Cisco product or device, you should consider purchasing a Cisco SMARTnet contract in order to prevent these future expenses.

You may or may not believe that paying for warranties is a good idea. However, the more expensive the equipment is that you are purchasing, the more important the warranty is. Many people do not believe in purchasing warranties because they see it as an unnecessary additional cost to whatever they are purchasing. However, while a warranty may seem worthless at first, it has a lot of future value.

It is, in essence, a contract between you and your equipment provider or manufacturer, which allows you to replace or repair your broken equipment for free or at a discount. Everything breaks over time. It is inevitable.

In the event that an expensive and important piece of equipment, like a Cisco device, breaks, you should have a Cisco SMARTnet contract with Cisco to ensure you can save time and money replacing your broken equipment.

A $100 music player is in no way comparable to a $1000+ Cisco device. The reality is, that, if your equipment breaks and you do not have the funds to replace it or repair it, you are worse off and your business can suffer as a result. That is a huge chunk of change that could be used for other business endeavours.

When it comes to Cisco products, you should purchase a Cisco SMARTnet contract for each and every piece of equipment you purchase. It will save you immense amounts of money and pressure in the long-term.

Another Way to Think of Warranties

Many people view warranties from the perspective of their upfront cost, however, another perspective is needed. First, the acknowledgement that everything breaks over time is crucial whenever you are purchasing anything. It is not a matter of “if,” but “when.” Luck may allow you to use a piece of equipment far past its shelf life, however this is not the norm. You need to be prepared for the fact that, eventually, your equipment will need to be replaced.

Secondly, the true value of a warranty like Cisco SMARTnet does not occur at the time of purchase but at the time you redeem your contract. Therefore, as seemingly expensive and unnecessary as a warranty may seem, it is always a good idea to heavily consider purchasing one, especially if the equipment you are purchasing is also expensive. If you think your purchasing are draining your wallet now, wait until you need to replace or repair it, but without a warranty.

The Added Value of Cisco

Cisco SMARTnet contracts are unique because they hold the full weight and influence of the Cisco brand name behind them. Cisco is a trusted leader in information technology equipment and a contract or warranty with them is worth its weight in gold. When you purchase a Cisco product, you can be assured that not only will your product be top quality, but that its warranty will help you repair or replace your equipment when it breaks or needs maintenance.

If you are interested in purchasing a Cisco product or device with a Cisco SMARTnet, you should contact Netcon Solutions today. We have helped many businessmen and women throughout Toronto and the GTA find the Cisco SMARTnet contracts they need for their Cisco products. For more information, you should visit us at our website today.

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